pH going down fast

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Red's Dreads, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. why? possible causes?

    note: if you know, please respond. ive been asking this question places forever and no one will address it, thanks :smoke: peace
  2. groing on soil or hydro?
  3. hey man, im going hydro, you can check out the journal in my link below if you want :smoke:

    ive heard people say in another forum that maybe airstones have been clogged, and not enough air is getting to their plant. im not sure this pertains to me, but its something... and then the fishstore guy said too much phospherous will drop it in soft water, which mine is... but my ppm was SUPER low, like 200-400. so again im stumped
  4. what is your PH and its fluxuation??
  5. i got hydro too. is there light geting to your water? is there something wrong with your ph meter? how often do u change the water?
  6. hey guys, i have 3 of my 4 hoses are clear lines... but i generally keep a shirt rapped around the trunk on top of the bucket, hopefully to prevent the light.... so very little of the tubing is showing, where it connects to the pumps on the side of the bucket.

    it drop .4 per 12hrs, minumum
  7. mine drops around the same .8 or a little more every day
  8. i wonder whats similiar about our grows... any chance light could be sneaking into your tub? what'r you using?

    could your res temp be off? soon ill know my res temp/ph/ppm 24/7, thatll be tight.

    heres a diff theory.. i think there could be a self-fufilling propecy going on... i heard too much posperous could pull down the pH... and if the pH is too low, your plants cant take the phos. outta the water, so there too much in the water and none is being soaked up and it just keeps pushing the pH down.

    -this is mostly all my own theory.

    my best guess, is that my air pumps are clogged, not enough oxygen in water, and its affecting the pH. hows your air pump, does it really bubble the res?

    just throwin ideas out there, thanks man :smoke: peace
  9. i dont realy check the temp on the res but i do check ppm and the ph and i use tap water and i do have air pump with a stone like a fish tank i use h2o2
  10. id have to suggest filtered water(tap water contains all kinds of chlorine, floride,ect...) n only h2o2 when theres a problem with fungi or pests in the water...

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