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  1. Pro mix guys what do you ph to?
    Do we still use the hydro scale since it is soiless ?
  2. LOL what difference does it make on what grow medium your using ????????

    PH 5.5 is the same regardless of grow medium its 5.5 …………………………….
    Everyone that checks and adjusts they're PH for growing MJ is still adjusting the PH exactly the same way .
    Some may use different products to do that but your still adjusting the PH ……………...
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  3. huh?
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  4. been wondering myself, i see pro-mix in the large ops i've seen along the way.

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  5. Soil and hydro use two different scales . Its definitely not 5.5 as a universal number for all grow medium
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  6. Whats different about adjusting the ph just because you are using pro mix ?
    There is no difference ….……………...5.5 ph in pro mix is the same as 5.5 ph in clay balls ….
    Just because the person is using pro mix there is no difference from adjusting the PH on anything else ..
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  7. I've heard of guys using the high side of hydro 6.2 . Was hoping to hear from some other pro mix growers just to confirm
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  8. I'm asking what number they aim for 5.5 6.2 ??? Not the method they use to get there
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  9. I didn't say 5.5 is the universal number for growing weed .
    I said 5.5 PH on a Pro mix medium is the same as a 5.5 ph in all grow mediums everywhere in the world .
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  10. NO its not
    Different tools but the ph is the same ...
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  11. Ok nice point, I'm not sure how that applies to my question but I agree 5.5 is 5.5
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  12. So what makes PH ing pro mix different from any other ph .
    IT Doesn't . ph on pro mix is the same as the ph in everything you check the PH levels on

    5.5 ph in cali using Pro mix is the same 5.5 PH in a soil grow in Japan. there is zero difference
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  13. Everyone using pro mix needs to buy a special Pro mix PH meter ??
    I don't think so …………..……….
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  14. I was just asking what scale is used hydro or soil they are different in my understanding. Screenshot_20190821-103816_Chrome.jpg
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  15. I'm not talking about the meter or the method I'm asking the range I think the problem is you believe that there is only one ph scale for all medium I disagree.
    I'm happy to leave it at that. Screenshot_20190821-103816_Chrome.jpg
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  16. I always aim for 6.0-6.5 in ProMix
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  17. When I was in pro mix I was 6.2-6.5 no issues.
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  18. Thanks fellas that's what I thought I had read in the past,
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