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  1. Hi all, with all the information out there on forums I've gathered it seems everyone says the ideal Ph for coco is 5.5-5.8 so that what I did (specifically 5.5-5.6 for veg and first few weeks of flower. Until I talked to a guy at the grow shop and he said no that's for hydro.. He said The ideal Ph range for coco is 6.2-6.4. So now I've been feeding at 6.2-6.3 and he said don't listen to everything you read on forums and to come in and ask any questions you have and would give me answers based on his experience and other growers experience that they've been doing for years. Anyways is this true? And should you be raising the Ph slightly anyways when into flower from veg? Thanks.
  2. As long as you're in a range between 5.7 - 6.3 you'll be fine.
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  3. Edit: "is this true?" contradicts what I just said lol, meant to say how have you guys been ph'ing with coco coir... I always try things myself to see what works best in my setup as there is a lot of two sided experiences out there. Example defoliating fan leaves vs leaving fan leaves etc.. What has worked for you guys in regards to Ph and do u change for veg vs flower. Thanks
  4. Your grow shop guy is an idiot......coco is hydro. :rolleyes:
    I have found that somewhere around 6.0 is good when growing in coco.
    Don't listen to everything you hear at a grow shop.
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  5. Thanks I'll keep it around 6 to be safe. My green planet nutes were stabilized at 5.5-5.6 after mixing with tap water (Ph 7) and didn't have Ph up at the time to raise it if I wanted so I ran with it till wk 3 flower till I got Ph up and went to 6 for a week and now 6.2... I'll bring it back down to 6
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  6. Same as hydro. 5.8

    Ph chart.jpg
  7. I'm growing in coco coir so this might help you out. I need 20+ ml of pH Down every 3 gallon feeding solution I make. I go by a color scheme for pH testing. You can purchase one very cheap online somewhere around ten dollars. I've never been able to test ppm properly. My tap waters pH is near a 9 by default. It feels weird to even drink lol. No, pH must remain the same throughout unless you want to risk issues with your plants. I'm running autos for the first time right now. I had a calmag deficiency early on in this run because I was waiting to dose it. I started adding it once I saw signs on the leaves. Now I'm on Day 33

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