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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Ganja Guerrilla, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Most of the plants issues that come thru here are PH related, or fertilizer/PH related

    99% of the PH related issues arent necessary

    At request by many of you I made a video covering PH testing, correcting & flushing

    PH & Flushing streaming video: & Flushing.WMV
    this and other streaming videos on my website
    So in therory I should start seeing les of you in here, yeah;)
  2. Who da Man? :metal:
  3. That's awesome! Thanks, GG, very much appreciated.
  4. I gotta say dude...nice job. Taking time out of your day to help others with zero ROI makes you a pretty cool dude...THanks!
  5. anyone ever tell you you sound exactly like dan aykroyd? hahaha good post man +rep
  6. That helped a lot! I'm going to do another run off in a couple days to make sure I'm in the right range.
  7. Nice I just bought a Truncheon :)
  8. were stylin bros :hello:
  9. Very well done, +rep from me bro!

    I was very disappointed to hear about the cheaper digital meters... I was hoping to be able to save some money, but the 'good stuff' is the only way to go I guess...
  10. GG,

    I know that the plants are the stars, but you are a pretty close second.

    My question is:

    With the plant you used as a test, how long after the flush will it be before the plant responds? And how long before the plant returns to normal?

    It was a pleasure to see your medical lab in operation.

  11. what can i say gg....excellent lesson on ph.. thanks a lot.. can you tell me how much the trunchean costs and were to buy online??
  12. lol nice vid

    seems like i bought the peice of junk tester lol (ended up breaking on me today very unreliable)

    order'd a stick today tho hopefully my plants will hang in there untill it arrives.

    Peace :cool:
  13. do a search on google, they are about $160.00 and I found mine on ebay I paid $130.00 nenu for my Blue Labs Truncheon

    they do make a copy of the Blue labs truncheon thats was cheaper....but then again quality is important in some areas

    deniro sorry to hear, but as you saw in the video (fortunate it happened during the video and able to make the point cheapo's arent reliable )
  14. good find that was the copy I was talking about

    even buying a good truncheon, use a chemy PH kit to do backups;) periodically

    never assume anything that needs calibration is CERTAIN
  15. Hate to leave a rock unturned. GG you got the wrong end of my stick.

    gl deniro. sorry to hear your sellin your carts. cheers m8 an gl.

  16. great video gg
    what is the stuff you treat the root with after flushing?
    cheers allan
  17. link dosnt work :(

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