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  1. Good afternoon everyone!

    So since our last nute change on Sunday, we have had or PH drop consistently. We have a GrowBoss Nutrient meter that gives us a constant PPM, PH and Temp. Typical for us is between 5.8-6.2 but we can't seem to maintain a steady PH like we have been able to in the past.

    The plants were started in Germ Station on May 23rd. That would make them roughly 7 weeks old. They are growing like, well...weeds lol They seem to be very healthy with no signs of nute burn, light burn etc. It just came out of no where that we can't maintain the PH level.

    I calibrated the machine twice in past week to make sure that wasn't the problem. The PPM's are a little high at 1400 but the feed schedule (Fox Farms) has top out at 1500 so we didn't assume this was the problem. The temp is always steady at about 73-74 degrees. It may be a little high of a temp, but like I said, it has always been that temp with no issues until this week.

    We did not change water brands, nothing changed at all so there must be an issue somewhere we are missing?

    I did a little bit of research last night and saw ppl saying to top off with tap water to raise the PH so thats what I did last night at about 1 am and got the ph to 6.1. Then this morning at 8 am it was around 5.7 already. I know that the healthy range for our nutes and grow setup is 5.8 to 6.2 but my concern is why it is taking so much upkeep to even keep it steady when in the past it didn't?

    We are running a Rainforest system with vortex sprayer. I thought about getting some air stones but i think the vortex takes care of aeration.

    Any suggestions short of doing another nute change and starting over, with a thorough cleansing of the roots and basin with clean water? The nute changes are becoming increasingly difficult bc the girls are so big, and they are scrogged so it isn't possible to remove the basin completely to wash it all out so we do our best with the given circumstances.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bumping in hopes of a response :)
  3. Your run off ph? Soil Ph?

    If the plants are looking healthy with no issues I don't see the problem

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