PH doesnt go down at all!!!why??

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  1. Hi dudes! I am in day 30 of veg and i am trying to lower my ph as it is 7,4 and no respond in my runoff :(
    i water my plants with ph 6,1 today and my runoff was 7,3
    and the worst is that yesterday i flush one of my girls and starting to flush it with 6,5 ph no respond in my runoff then go down to 5 ph no respond the end i water it with 3,8 ph and the run of was still 7!!!!wtf??? i am using ph down from GHE
    anyone that can help i will be happy!!!! my girls are dying and i cant do anything |:(
    and offcorse i am using digital ph meter!
  2. plzz someone i need to know what can i do cous e i will flush my girls tomorow
  3. All you can do is flush it with like 5 times as much water as the pot holds with PH corrected water. That way it will push all of the bad pH out and hopefully keep the good pH in. It requires a lot of water not just one flush. Keep going until its safe but don't do this too many nights in a row or you will cause overwatering.
  4. let me kn ow if i get it m8!:so i flush my girl 3 times the pot and i need to flush her more?
    so if i will flush them tomorow i will need to flush them again ?
    and one more think , i will flush them from regular water just i will lower my ph to 6,5 i dont need to get distille?
    its expensive here :S couse if i will use distile i have to buy a LOT!! :S thnx for the answer m8 :)
  5. I'm really not sure what you're trying to say.

    Whatever size your pot is (for instance we will pretend its a 5 gallon bucket), then you need to flush it (run water through it) with about 3-5x the bucket size at pH corrected water. That means you need to use 15-25 gallons of water (FOR THIS PARTICULAR EXAMPLE ONLY), and it all needs to be pH corrected. Do all of this within the course of an hour. Afterward, the pH should be corrected a little bit.

    There's obviously no guarantees so this is only recommended. The idea here is to flush them all in ONE day so that they don't get overwatered. Overwatering occurs when you water it day after day after day. Flushing (putting a lot of water through the bucket) doesn't overwater the plant because when you're all done, its just like you watered it once.
  6. ok thats what i am going to do,! bat i do that only on one plant and the ph dident go down and i flush it 3 times the bucket !!!anyway i was trying to ask you (sorry for my eng) if regular water is good or i need to buy some distilled water!
  7. Regular water should be fine. If its not working then I'm not sure what's causing the problem. Try flushing with a 5.0ish solution to counter it better. I dunno though I've only done one grow.
  8. thnx m8 for all!!i found the problem!my soil s ph dont lower easy thats the soil bat its ok because 7,0 ph runoff its only the waters ph the soil have better ph! :hello:
  9. You realise that ph is a ten fold scale.
    7 is 10x stronger than 6 which is 10x stronger than 5 etc etc.

    You need to use the right amount of ph solution in proportion to lower it exactly where you want.

    You could follow a mathmatical equation or just flush with lots of ph balanced water you already know the ph of
  10. Use rain water.

  11. He's right, rain water tends to be acidic... but that's because of all the pollution in the air

  12. thnx for the info i dident have that in my mind clearly i have heard of that bat nothing more glad its fact m8 thnx again :D

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