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PH difference between ingoing and 'run-off' water??

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by UK1nation, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hello all!

    indoor tent with Soil Grow

    I made a batch of nutrient + had the air pump airating it for 3 days....

    my final tank nutrient had the following properties:

    6.9 PH & 980 PPM

    but when chewcking my run-off water from the soil i get the following readings:

    6.0 PH & 1200 PPM

    whats wrong? ive added dolomite lime...even try to get the 'res-tank' to have a higher PH so to rise the PH in the soil but its always almost a whole ponit difference!!

    well anyway, its now day 42 of 12/12 (start of week 7), if anyone is interested in seeing a veideo from the begginging to the 6th week flowering stage take a look here at my uploaded vid on youtube!!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DSC9j84mEI"]YouTube - White Widow from start to finish[/ame]

    or my guerilla grow sweden??....

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl-uXs9lics"]YouTube - Grow Tent & Guerilla Grow Sweden[/ame]
  2. Was the dolimite lime crushed? I bought the granular stuff from the local store, had to crush it with a mortar and pestel, (pain in the ass) I found it took too long to raise the pH. Get a bottle of pH Up. Im sure more experienced users will let you know if im wrong. Im on my first grow too, tent /w soilless, had a bitch of a time getting the pH up and i didnt realize the importance of adding lime to soilless mix upon preperation. I had a pH in the low 5's. The lime didnt seem to work, or work fast enough, so i got a bottle of pH up. I have no idea if this was right or wrong, but I watered with a pH of something like 9-10 each time until the levels came up. Again, dont know if this is the proper way, but my pH is spot on now (as i correct it each watering/feed /w pH up). Best of luck brother...
  3. I just saw your ending PPM....interested to see that others say about that. Salt buildup?
  4. yes i used dolomite in the soil mix from the begining and i add now and again, ive been adding the ph+ so the PH rises.

    remember i m on the last nutrient watering today...ive come down from 1900P?PM to 1500PPM and so on.... during the last few weeks, i peaked the PPM in weeks 2,3+4. so of course there will be some kind of salt build up...but for the nesxt 14-18days i'll be just giving water as to flush out all the Nitrogen when harvest time arrives on the 2nd week of Dec!!
    i know its not a bad slat build up as if i add say ½ltr normal water the PPM drop dramaticly, plus im using IONIC nutrients (know they're shit but thought i'd try)
    i've also now for the last few weeks 'bumped' up the BOOST nutrient so instead of the REC dosage of 1ml per liter i've increased it to 3ml per liter!

    plus there is absolutly NO sign of any stress or defeicency showing on the plants.... never have seen them show N P or K def the entire grow!
    (see something must be good wioth that IO)MIC, i know people say its a weak piece of crap...but i've even over donme it once with a higher PPM of 2000....... but guess what.... no defect on plants!! great!!)
    i havn't even had to flush the plants as i normally do in the 4th week of 12/12 stage.
  5. My ppms on my water go up after I water too I use ocean forest what kind of soil u using? I think the ppm is going up compared to ur water because the nutes in the soil
  6. i think you may have missunderstood, what i ment was that when fixing my resovoir i check the PH & PPM, and after an hour or so (without adding any nutrients etc) the PPM goes from 210PPM upto 260PPM....without doing a thing apart from turning on the air pump thats connected to 4 air stones.
  7. i was going thru the same thing and i was going to boost my ph way up like u did but my salesman att the hydro store told me that it would reek havoc on my plants and to just feed them 6,5 until the run off rises up. But its slow going. Hell it has cum up a few points. To like 6.2. Im using botanicare nutes and happy frog soil. Wat soil do u use?
  8. simply raise your water to 7.4 and you should have a 6.5 runoff.

  9. Thanx bro. I will try that. Cuz its been like a week and a half and has only raised a few points.
  10. I'm using my own brand of soil mix as here in sweden its a bitch trying to obtain the items needed....

    check out my grow on youtube... ok they're in the 8th week now so i'll be updating the video soon ....

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DSC9j84mEI"]YouTube - White Widow from start to finish[/ame]

    my run-off now has stabalized at 6.5PH.... ok its not the 7.0 everyone talks of but close enough...plus they're so far into flowering now...whatever damage its caused is already done...

    Enjoy the Vid people!!:)
  11. 6.5 is perfect. 7 is a tad to high.
  12. Now that you have your pH buffered properly this won't matter much, but...don't worry about the difference between input pH and runoff pH. It could be a point different, two points different -- the key is to get the runoff to where it needs to be, and if it's too low then the input needs to be higher, no matter where it is starting from.

    You won't necessarily get the same pH from runoff as you put in because the runoff pH is the result of interactions between your water, your soil, your nutes, etc.
  13. Well lads, its all finished and harvested!

    i actually didnt do as well as i'd hoped as my 400watt lamp should have given me 200-400g bud, i only got back 90gram

    but that was because i bought my seeds from www.cannabisseeds.comand i wont be making that mistake again!
    some grew super fast! but seemed to be 6 weeks behind the other 4 plants that gave me the 90gram harvest.
    and I'm sure there was a problem with the strain as 'white widow' doesn't have the stinky 'musty' smell that mine has, but saying that the charactaristics are the same...

    ...takes a good 10-15min after smoking to feel the effects...
    ...heavy stoned feeling, but yet giggly ... depends on the surroundings and general mood of smoker....
    ...if active after smoking then i found that it acts as a 'racer' rather than a 'couch potatoe' stoned feeling!

    grow specs:

    DRS100 tent = £100
    5" Rhino Pro filter = £75
    5" TT vent fan (220-280m3/hr) = £25
    5" cool-tube = £50
    400watt Gro-Lux HPS (58500 Lumens) = 5,500 Lumens per sq foot in tent = £20
    10" clip on fan = £10
    6" clip on fan = £12
    Ionic soil Grow nutrient - 1 liter = £7
    Ionic soil Bloom nutrient - 2 liter = £14
    Ionic Boost Nutrient - 1 liter = £7

    12x white widow FEMALE seeds from www.cannabisseeds.com = £15

    Electric july 2010-dec 2010 'approx' = £200

    TOTAL for grow = £535

    Harvest = 90gram @ £9 per gram (SWEDISH PRICES!!!!)

    TOTAL harvest income = £810

    leaves me up by = £275!!!



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