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ph coco problem

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by deks23, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. hi got a problem with my ph in coco. the ph is coming out at 7ish so iv put the ph feed in at 4 and its gone down to 6.3... it is still to high so i put it in at 3 and it is now coming out at 5.8 5.9 which is where i want it to be.

    my question is is it ok to be putting the ph food in at 3 so the ph is coming out at 5.8?
    they are showing signs of magnesium and calcium deficiency

    a quick reply wud be appreciated thanks
  2. cmon as no one got any help on this
  3. I usually don't worry about run off PH in coco. I just make sure my water/nutes are PH'd in the right range.
  4. Def.don't water with a 3 ph. With coco don't worry about run off just like jb5355 said. A 3 ph will def. kill your shit.
  5. just ph wat gos in not wat comes out and you will be ok....
  6. man u will fuckup everything with ph3!!!
    move to flush with ph 5.8 and u'll be fine....
    my runoff is 7.... in coco is normal.....

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