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  1. Ive been looking around and diffrent people have diffrent ideas on Temp and PH levels. What is the proper room temp for grow and veg stages and is a 6.2 ph ok?
  2. temp for a grow room can vary from 70-85 degrees and your plants will be fine, 5.8 ph is optimum, any less or any more and you risk nutrient lockout. just stay at 5.8 for hydro and a little higher for soil .
  3. unsure about hydro but soil I try and stay at 6.5 but thats me. Temperature im usually at 82. Would love for it to be lower but winter is around the corner :)
  4. Thank you...Im tring to keep it between 80-85 and my PH at 6.2

  5. Temps are fine...mine get up to 90 and I haven't noticed any heat stress...granted the plants could probably be healthier, but they aren't sickly for it, and seem to enjoy the temps as they are...they get droopy when it gets below ~82ish. Maybe they are used to the temps, I dunno.

    6.2 is a bit low. 6.5-6.8 is ideal for soil, as it is the right quality for nutrient absorbtion...refer to the following chart....Hydro on left side/Soil on right.

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