PH and PPM drop BEFORE using nutes?

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  1. I'm using FFOF soil in 3- 5 gal. buckets
    strain is Pure Power Plant sativa dom.
    R.O. water, GH flora Trio (yes I know they're hydro nutes but they CAN be used in soil) but after this grow, I'm switching to Fox Farm nutes. I also use Cal/Mag 1 tsp. per gal. and Hydroguard, as well as a little Hydrogen peroxide.
    4' X 4' X 7' tent
    600 W

    I made up my nutes with ro and PHed it to 6.5, but I waited till the next day to feed them. I thought it might be a good idea to check the PH and PPM again before using the nutes. I was suprised to see the PH at 5.5 and the PPM that was at 900 is now 735?
    What's the story, should I just raise the PH and use the nutes?
  2. Why are you adding hydrogen peroxide? You're taking away from the microherd :(

    Do you have root rot?

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  3. No. is it bad
  4. DSCN0182.JPG DSCN0180.JPG DSCN0179.JPG

    This is my problem that I can't seem to resolve! I know that the HPS bulb is broadcasting a yellow color over the plant, but trust me, the leaves and even the rest of the bush is a little to yellow.?
  5. I'm getting worried, it's really spreading!
  6. I'm sure it would help to post pictures without the darn HPS running

    I agree about the Hydrogen Peroxide - any special reason you're using it?
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  7. take out the peroxide imo, unless u have root rot. also yellow looks like a N problem. hows your ph? organics? or...?
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  8. I must have read about the H2o2 somewhere or... just another brain fart!
    Yes, I agree, it would have been better to take a pic w/ the light off.
  9. They just make everything yellow. It's hard for folks to diagnose anything without being able to see actual color.


  10. H2O2 literally kills your Hydroguard. It's a bacterial culture that you're adding with it - and those bacteria produce the benefit. Adding H2O2 both kills your Hydroguard - turning it pretty much to water - and also pretty immediately reacting your H2O2, turning it into water, and O2, and leaving zero residual disinfectant - if that's what you were wanting to do with it to start.

    Back to your ppm dropping overnight. Yeah - that doesn't exactly make sense. Maybe some of ^ caused it, but I wouldn't think by that much. I would suspect the meter,, the calibration or something. Did you try stirring it in case it stratified overnight? pH of 5.5 wouldn't lockout nutes that were meant for DWC...
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  11. They are at the beginning of their 7th week today and they probably another 3 weeks to harvest.
    Here is my new nute recipe per single gallon. This is my new feeding recipe based on various input that I received by posters on a few cannabis sites:

    1 1/2 tsps. Micro
    1 tsp. Grow
    1 1/2 tsp. Bloom
    1+ tsp. Cal/Mag.
    1/2 tsp. Hydroguard
    1 tbsp. Brown Sugar
    1 tsp. Epson Salts
    Finally, I need to PH the RO to 6.8 because my PH runoff is about 5.
    Let me know If this recipe is good for my girls or does it need some tweaking.

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  12. I'm in soil FFOF and I've stopped using Hydrogen Peroxide.
    I don't mix my nutes early, I mix them and feed the girls straight away.
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    If you read the GH website it will say not to premake nutrients. If you do you have to put an airstone in it. This may have something to do with the ph moving. It doesn't mean that it will do that in the medium. The medium is different conditions then stagnant in a pour spout container.
  14. Peroxide can ruin your feed rate in soil. Plants feed off of pure chemicals like what are in the hydroponic nutrient bottles. Those chemicals are in the soil but in the soil they are locked in organic forms that the plant cannot directly uptake. In order for the plant to actually feed on the organic nutrients in the soil they have to be broken down to a more pure form by various soil microbes. If you kill them it's going to ruin the organic break down of nutrients. It's like taking antibiotics and then trying to digest food.

    You are yellow because you're low on nitrogen. Increase your amount of micro by 2ml's a gallon. Try targeting 6.2ph and see if that help your ph issues. Yellowing on top can be caused by your light being a little too close. What is your light distance? 18"?

    Personally I consider GH nutrients to be far superior to fox farms. You won't see many commercial grows using fox farms. Commercial is mostly AN, GH, and Botanicare.

    If you dumped the soil and bought promix/perlite instead you may learn to like the bottles. They give you all the control.

    I never liked the fox farms method of growing. It's a hybrid soil/hydro method. IMO either do one or the other. You start with a rich organic soil that is hot with nutrients. You feed just water for a while until you guess that the soil is depleted then you add the fox farm nutrient bottles slowly until the plant is done. Guessing how much to add and when is a game and different every time depending on how variables in the grow go and what strain it is.

    In promix you just start feeding day one lite and watching your plant. You get to know it's feed rates and what it wants. After a few weeks you increase the feed. It tapers up all the way to harvest at a fairly even rate. IMO this pure hydro with promix is easier then the fox farm method and more productive. That's one reason it's commonly used commercially.

    I always mix about 10-15% extra perlite with any medium I use including promix. Cannabis likes a well draining well aerated soil so it can feed and get oxygen at the same time through the medium. Generous amounts of perlite mixed in make this possible. Most bag soils compact too much straight out of the bag to be optimal for cannabis.

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