Ph and nutrients dwc?

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  1. My ph of my water is 7 before i add nutes should i get it to 6 before i add the nutes? But aftee i add nutes to the 7ph water its ph goes down to 5.5 or6. I usevthe drip color tester so maybe the color of my nutes are messing with the test. Or can nutes change the ph
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  2. Nutes do change the ph. I believe the usually lower ph. Personally I add my nutes then check the ph and make the amendments from there
  3. You should always add nutes then adjust the ph

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  4. Nutes always lower the pH - adjust the pH after everything has been added.
  5. Yep like all of the above, first ass nutes then test PPM then get that right with more water or nutes then last of all PH
  6. Also 5.5 to 6.1 is perfect range for DWC I try and sit mine @ 5.8
  7. What should the ppm be for flower phase. Also im using 3part general hydroponics. Should i run any other nutes... Awsome blossoms sugar daddy?
  8. Man you really need to read some more - I don't mean to sound like an asshole.. but any nutrient brand you get should have a scheduled feeding guide..
  9. 20170714_103122.jpg They do have a feed guide but its only for the general hydro. And general hydroponics said they dont market for weed. I know theres plenty of growers who follows there own recipie when it comes to nutes. And who use more then 1 brand of nutes. Any one kno what defficency this is. There on the bottom of my plant a few leaves dieing...
  10. A pic of the whole plant would help - your issue could be a number of problems, hard to pinpoint. Why don't you just use the Lucas Formula being that you're using the Flora Series nutes. 8ml of micro and 16ml of bloom per gallon and that's it for the entire grow - just make sure your pH is correct and remains correct - it should be checked daily in DWC. If you were using coco it would be 6ml micro and 9ml bloom per gallon. Google it.
  11. Yea i heard of it . but whatever is wrong with my plant its spreading i plucked all dead and browning leaves 30mins later i already see more brown leaves... Heres the whole plant i plucked all dead leaves b4 i read this post but heres a leaf i just plucked

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  12. What exactly are you feeding them and how much per gallon. I use general hydroponics thro, armor si, floraicious plus, flora blend, botanicaer cal/mag and hydrogard. The amounts per gallon is micro 2 tsp gro 2-3 tsp bloom 1 tsp Si 1/2 tsp Plus 1/4 tsp Blend 1 tsp Cal/Mag 4 ml Hydrogard 2 ml. And again that's per gallon. All that in these amounts is about 1200-1500 ppm 500 scale.
  13. This is quite high for a recommended dose that's why people 1/2 or 1/4 the bottles recommended dose. I personally am running 920-1000. But I started way lower and am slowly raising it. IMG_4207.JPG

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