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  1. On a few of my plants, in the areas of new growth, mainly the budding sites, the new leaves have begun to turn yellowish and grow slower. I looked around online but none of the regular nutrient defitiencies seemed to match my problem. Recently the leaves started showing really light traces of red coloring.

    I'm guessing it's a ph problem, with it being to high. I have no means of checking the ph as I am doing this grow completly for free. It seems like adding sulfur is the best way to lower the ph without adding exess salt.

    Alright here is my grow:
    all 5 plants are clones from females
    3 dutch passion white widow
    1 Hash plant
    1 bag seed

    The soil I used was a mix of soil I dug up from the middle of the forest combines with some old used potting soil mixed with old pidgeon and chicken droppings.

    In the begining I used miracle grow as a fert but then as flowering started about 2 weeks ago I switched over to bat dropping collected from my attic mixed with fresh pidgeon droppings.

    I added some egg shells today just to make sure I had enought calcium,

    Now my question is what are some good sources of natural sulfur that I could find easily? Should I really just go buy some sulfur? Or am I way off and have some other problem?

    Anyway any advice is nice, and If it's really really neccesary I could post some pictures although I'd really rather not.
  2. i don't really see how your going to have a succesful grow if you have no idea what the ph is.
  3. weed is just that, a weed.... I can grow pretty much anywere so I doubt a little variation in ph is a big deal. The plants are doing fine and are well on their way into budding.
  4. Alot of people grow this way as far ph goes but I do not reccomend it. Ph controls the availble nutrients. To compare it to something look at a starving child, it is weak, skinny and fragile because it's malnutrioned. Do you want your plants to starve? No you want it to be a big bulky beauty. Please do not make your plant feel as if it's living in a thirdworld country, it deserves better.
  5. haha yeah africa sucks jk jk, Good point organics finest, although the only way I would be able to test it would be with some cabage juice which is not all that acurate. I guess I could try to figure out the ph although I'm trying to be as lazy and cheap about this a possible haha.... seems to be working though as my plants look insanly chronic... low yeild but I really don't know how I did it... Honeslty It looks like some of the best stuff I've smoked but It's only two weeks into flowering. Not a lot of actual buds yet but what is there if fucking crystaly.

    Do buds tend to look more or less chronic as they are picked and dried?

    I know they continue to resinate as they bud but honeslty when looking at it with a magnifying glass there really isn't much more room for tricomes to grow haha.
  6. I would flush the plant well, and let it dry out for a couple of days. It looks like you are wanting to stay organic with your nutes, but I would recommend a balanced nute like Peter's or even MG. Once it has been flushed and a good balanced nute added, your problems should go away. Ph isn't a huge deal with a soil grow, and symptoms of messed up Ph are usually more drastic than you are describing.
  7. sounds like some good advice, it's been raining a lot though almost to the point of over watering and I just added some fert I found laying around on it so I'll see how it responding to that tomorow morning, and if still no luck I'll flush it really good.
  8. well no luck from the new ferts I found but It seems like a lil epson salt would do the trick so i'll be picking up a box of that later today to see how they respond.
    They keep looking danker and danker... I'm impressed on how little needs to be done to grow some really good weed. A little research and some time invested in finding the right materials and It's easy as cake to grow some chron. I can't understand why people would be mexi brick weed... wtf?
  9. I am sorry I really disagree on advice against monitoring ph. A cheap liquid tester could be bought for about 3 to 5 bucks to test. It is very easy to get a lock of a certain nutrient if your ph swings to a wrong area. Here is a chart about nutrient uptake and ph.

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  10. well I ended up getting some ph strips and some epsom salt, sprayed the leaves down with the salt, and within a few hours they already looked better. I'll see how they look in the morning.

  11. Made me proud :) it's not a bad thing to invest in your grow. It will return the favor surely.
  12. probably just ignorance on my part, but i'll ask anyways. my soil grow ph is hovering right around 7. how do i safely lower this? i have a "ph down" solution. but its meant for a hydro grow. can i safely use this if i water down the solution. thanks for any help, i dont mean to hijack this thread.

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