ph and fox farms ocean forest?!?!

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  1. ph is becoming an issue, atleast i think.

    I watered once with just ph adjusted water going in at a 6.4, came out a 7.6 then I water with nutes two days ago and send it in with a ph of 5.8, it comes out at a 7.5. This has happened only since fox farms ocean forest has been in play in the five gallon pots! what the heck?!?!
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    Ya im having the same problem with FFOF. ph in 7.0 ph out acidic as hell. My first round died mostly cause i wasnt ph upping now im thinking its my water but i just put some clones in the other week and feed them nothing but RO water and they are still starting to show the same signs plus water coming out is very acidic! Which leds me to believe there is something going on with FFOF because this is not the only recent case ive read about.
  3. MY ff ocean soil coming in at 7.0+ ish as well. wats the deal
  4. Just reporting the same problem.

    I to use 6.3 adjusted water and it comes out 7.5.

    Hoping for an answer
  5. i have used FFOF for 2 grows now.. the first grow went flawless, watered with 6.8 came out 6.8. this time around ive been having a problem with it coming out at 6.3-6.4
    the only thing i can think that would cause this is, last grow i flushed the 1.5 gallon pots of soil with 3 gallons of water each 3 days prior to transplant. this time around i didnt do that, but i guess this doesnt really answer the original question.
  6. Try calibrating your ph meter? Is it a digital one? How
    much do you water the five gallon buckets with? Tap water or RO? What nutes are you using?
    Different than last time?
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    ive never used FFOF b4 but i think i know how u can solve the prob, when you mix the soil b4 you plant or re-potting them you should mix in a good amount of Dolomitice limestone, it really helps me when i use the marine mix compost, or shrimp compost.
    my mix is 1 bale (107L) promix, 1 bag (30L) of shrimp/marine compost, 1 bag (30L) sheep manure compost, and 2 cups of dolomitic limestone for ph buffer, and i never have any problems with ph issues using this mix

    is it possible that if the place thats selling the FFOF left it outside under the sun all sumer, and then sold it in the winter? if so that might be another reason that the ph is off, when i go to buy dirt i always dig to the bottom of the pile where i know im gonna get untainted dirt.
  8. i haven't heard of the limestone but i will have to remember that the next time, the place i buy my dirt goes through it so fast though they didn't have time to let it sit out, they keep it in the back of the store and i go in there a lot they go through like a pallat or so a month so i dont think thats it but as far as lime stone i am just gonna have to hope its ok because they are in 5 gallon pots and it would be too hard to transplant again. hopefully all is ok
  9. Mine are in 5 gallon pots as well, and i've already transplanted twice in the last 60 hours, once when i first got them, and again when I got FFOF soil. Too dangerous to transplant again, gonna have to sit it out. Thinking about just keeping my IN around 6.0 flat until I can get my OUT around 6.8; gonna use PH down every watering i guess.
  10. i always mix the dolomitic limestone in with the dirt, but maybe someone who knows wmore about it would be able to tell you if it will help to just top off your soil with it.
  11. if i were you brother man i would listen to the posts that are reccomending you to use dolomite lime, if you keep adding ph down your gonna make the problem worse as toxicity will build up over time good luck

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