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  1. I use Foxfarm ocean forest 2/3 of the pot and 1/3 happy frog. I do this because the Ocean forest is too hot for the seeding stage and i use the Happy frog at the top 1/3 , it works well.
    I know im going to get a lot of comments so let me give you some specifics:
    Yes, autoflowers (i need something that reacts fairly quickly due to the fact they are autoflowers)
    Soil ph 6.25 - 6.8 id like to pull it down to somewhere between 6 - 6.25. It seems like im always chasing my tail two to three weeks into my grow.
    My son is getting ready to have a major surgery in a week and i just need to get it squared away before then. The fam is going through a lot at the moment... i just want a seamless transition in to my grow when we get home after the surgery.
    Thank you all for your knowledge
  2. I've started many seeds directly in FFOF with no problems. Some seeds are more tolerant than others.

    Using a simple seed starting mixture is all that's needed.
  3. i
    Indeed FFOF is hot stuff,
    layering as you did is dumb you expecting the radicle to immerge in one mix then adapt to the other = nonsense.

    better to mix the FFOF in 30% sand add more sand or perlite if you intend to feed your own nutes later
    aim for the 'normal' 6.5pH, this will cool the mix down many add no nutes thru out the whole grow, with little amendment for the next.

    good luck

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