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  1. Last night I went to one of the sicketst shows I've seen this year. Pgroove came to a small all-girls highschool. It was amazing, there was a small crowd but everyone in it was a head and goin nuts. They threw in some songs like Pina Colada and Funkytown woman. It was an awesome ass concert. It was a small group of people but we were going wild. At the end they played a small encore of a long ass trippy as hell song. At least 4 or 5 people at a time were kneeling down to smoke a bowl. At first it seemed sketch to smoke but then the security dudes backed off a little. Well, just wanted to share the experience.


  2. i've heard of em but cant find any of their stuff. wanna link to a place to download or sample?
  3. Whatever you use to download music just search for perpetual groove, thats their actual name.
  4. I know someone who will enjoy this thread. Suprised he hasn't found it yet. :p He will.
  5. anyone else go to any pgroove shows? Theyre still on their spring tour till like may 29th.
  6. legalize, my man.

    do yourself a favor and search for "scoob's 420". great stuff man. im glad you enjoyed the show. did you like the lightshow? pm me man.

    best damn live music archive ever. ive kept it a secret this whole time but fuck it.

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