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PG-13, Lemon Kush, and LOUD (macros)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by whitewarrior, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Three different strains. All are hard-hitters. Enjoy the photos:
    PG-13 (upper left), Lemon Kush (upper right), LOUD (bottom)
    Lemon Kush
  2. beautiful bud enjoy
  3. pg-13 looks the best (for some reason I guessed it would from the name lol), nice pickup man
  4. very nice nugs. alsoe love the picture under the nugs
  5. Amazing detail in your shots! + rep. The buds also look mighty dense and dank. Enjoy :smoking:
  6. Definitely wish you guys could blaze some of this with me :smoke:
  7. did you like the lemon kush? it came through cali a while back and i got a nice pick up and i found it to be all bark and no bite. it looked and smelled really nice but wasnt as good as i thought it should have been.
  8. oh my lord. lucky! :D
  9. Looking dank my friend.
    By the way PG-13 is such an awesome strain name. (Purp X G-13?)
  10. I have no idea, all i know is that it tastes fruity (like some GDP) and is the best out of all 3:smoking:
  11. I still have some nugs left over from this ahahaha :smoke:

    is it weird that I save about .7g from each sack I buy for emergency purposes? Am I the only one?
  12. girl i buy for emergency purposes 2. i just got a zip the other day. can we trade sacks
  13. that looks really good :yummy:
  14. :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

    beautiful buds
  15. Pg-13 haha thats awesome
  16. woah in some of the later pictures one nug looks like its a hand

  17. That's not weird at all! I always take out a small bit of each new kind of bud I buy and put it away in an airtight jar deep in my closet. I keep doing this until that I eventually run out of bud and can't find any, that's when I resort to my "emergency stash." It's awesome, because it always has a good variety in it too, as I try to always pick up more bud without completely running out of one batch.
  18. Those are some damn fine lookin buds. Lemon Kush is my favorite strain so far and I just love how it smells :p
  19. that looks like some fire yo
  20. Wow those buds look dense as shit. +rep

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