Peyote Pillar?

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    Hey guys this is my first post on here so sorry if I'm not doing this correctly. But anyways recently I have saved up some money and wanted to buy literally the sickest piece I could find. I settled it down between the Toro c/13 and the Peyote Pillar. And overall the Pillar seems to be regarded as the best bong out there so I wanted to go with that. My question is if this piece holds up to its expectations. Is it really the most exceptional bong out there? Another concern I have is about breaking this thing. I have a lot of friends who smoke together and sometimes shit just gets broken. I'm scared of buying this bong because of the chance of around $1000 going down the drain if the bong is broken. I have had a ROOR straight tube bong that I have had for over 2 years now. The thing has scratches all over it but its withstood years of abuse. So basically what I'm asking is if the Pillar is made of high quality enough glass to withstand bumps into walls, set down on the table hard and just general abuse like my ROOR has done all these years? And finally I mainly smoke flower, but how well does the peyote handle concentrate? Is it good for that too?
  2. Yes, the Pillar should be able withstand some bumps and general abuse, but I would still try to avoid that as much as possible haha.

    The Pillar is a awesome design, but a lot of people will tell you that there is no "best" bong.  Some people want the smoothest possible hit and they sacrifice flavor, while others want full flavor retention and they sacrifice diffusion. The Pillar is a great all around piece though, but if you are looking for something super smooth the 7/13 will probably be better. 

    Personally I love my Pillar though.  It still gives a smooth hit, but it barely sacrifices any flavor.

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