Peyote pillar to peyote ball hollow foot. Question

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  1. I haven't seen these being made anymore. I only see the peyote pillar to 4 arm. Does that make the value of it go up? I'm thinking about selling it but I don't know how to price it since I haven't seen it being sold in awhile. I think they stopped making them. Anyone know or can help me?

  2. There's no peyote pillar to 4-arm. It's a 4-arm to pillar now instead of a peyote to pillar. They had a peyote pillar on ALT last week though so I don't know that they're phased out entirely. From what I've seen on Boro Market, the prices of peyote pillars haven't been meaningfully impacted. If anything, prices have fallen because there's more pillars out there.
  3. They are still being made. The guys at SG just have more designs now so don't focus so much on techs used a few years ago and want to mix things up and change a little. Hence the change from ball perc to 4arm but kept the pillar. So basic function, just a little different from previous model.

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  4. Thanks for clearing my question up!

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