Peyote pillar to peyote ball hollow foot. Question

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  1. I haven't seen these being made anymore. I only see the peyote pillar to 4 arm. Does that make the value of it go up? I'm thinking about selling it but I don't know how to price it since I haven't seen it being sold in awhile. I think they stopped making them. Anyone know or can help me?

  2. I mean, I've been trying to find an average ass peyote pillar, but I can't seem to find any whatsoever, so therefore I also can't guesstimate the price. Let me know if you have a price for me.

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  3. Ok, I take it that this peyote pillar is some sort of smoking device and i can safely assume that you are not talking about the actual drug.
    Therefore, I don't have to report this thread. Thank you.
  4. They run $1,150 retail when they pop up every couple months on ALT. The four arm to pillar is always available for $1,150. On the secondary market, they seem to go from $950 on up, depending on the detail. You'll have to get on Boro Market or Facebook groups to get into the secondary market though.

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