Petty theft charge. Need advice

Discussion in 'General' started by secool, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Well I got caught brushing my teeth inside of Wal-Mart by a lost prevention agent. It was like 8 dollars total and I just brushed my teeth inside the store and threw it away. I walked out and boom he busted me. Well I got locked up for like 8 hours, paid 100 dollars bell. I have a court date on the 28th. My question is what should I plead? Not guilty? What will be my punishment? I'm located in Florida and the total was 8.47$. How much will I pay in fines and court costs you think?

    Please any advice is needed! Thank you.
  2. If you plead not guilty, you'll have to go back with a lawyer and probably lose anyways. If you plead no contest you'll be found guilty but the judge will give you an opportunity to explain why you did it. If you have a good excuse or sob story, he might take that into account before sentencing you - but understand that judges have heard every excuse in the book and if yours isn't legitimate he might nail you harder. If you have a clean record, just plead guilty, get it over with, and take it like a man.
  3. bahahaha ive brushed my teeth inside wal-mart.

    thought you should know, good luck with your court date though

  4. ^^ i literally spit out my soda. But to the OP, make up the escuse that you were having an allergic reaction and had to clean your mouth out

    what kind of walmart would take you to court over that? They could have easily made you pay tbe $9 at the register
  5. Last time i checked Wal-Mart doesnt press charges on anything that is under like $20. Loss Prevention people in Wal-Mart? never seen one myself...
    1. If you plead guilty, you pay the fine, and do whatever you need to do to put it behind you. It's not like they're going to lock you up for brushing your teeth.
    2. If you plead not guilty, you have to re-hash it later with the judge who will see through your bullshit lie PLUS you get the honor of paying lawyer fees and we all know how those can get expensive.
    3. Go on the run, leave everything behind and dont trust anyone else ever again.

    If i were you i would definately take number 1.

    P.S. I'm really sorry that you had bad luck. Thats the worst thing I've ever heard :(
  6. It sounds like you're under 18.

    That being said, lawyer up. Should be easily resolved by an attorney.
  7. lawyer=more money than toothbrush+fine combined. Just take your damn fine man.
  8. I'll hook you up with my cousin vinny. he'll take care of you.
  9. damn you can get legit locked up for stealing toothpaste? i might need to take this adhesive off of my fingers...
  10. good movie, post made me laugh :p

    anyway, just pay the fine and get it over with. no big deal.
  11. Plead guilty and cut your losses. You will lose the case if you plead anything else.
  12. Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't understand what the fuck the guy said [​IMG] Why in the hell would you be brushing your teeth in Wal Mart? Do you do your hair in Payless Shoes next door?
  13. I don't care about winning the case or any of that bull shit. I just want to pay the least amount possible. I'm wondering how much this 8$ bullshit can cost me so much. 100 just for bail. Court fees and if I do probation then I have to pay that bullshit fee. At least I won't get a piss test :smoking: but back to the point, everything is about FUCKING money. All they want is money, it sickens me :(.
  14. Well, all you want is money too. You said so in the first sentence of your paragraph.
  15. And why is there a find of some sort involved in tooth brushing? I know Fla used to have some odd laws (such as their sodomy laws) but did not not public tooth brushing was discouraged to such an extent:confused:
  16. I think he was in Wal-Mart, stole the toothbrush and toothpaste, brushed his chompers, then threw away what he'd stolen.
  17. Offer to settle with walmart, offer them three toothbrushes if they argue tell em you'll report the greeting man who had an erection. hahaha (I'm baked so you probably shouldn't actually do this.)

  18. People here go in Walmart, use the nasal spray and put it back on the shelf, use the deodorant and put it back on the one cares. I have to check the deodorant for armpit hair every time.

    Next time, use the toothbrush and toothpaste and put it back.:)
  19. He needs an attorney so he doesn't have a theft charge on his record.

    Key question for the rest of his life: "Have you ever been convicted of, or plead guilty to, any misdemeanor other than a traffic violation?"
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