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  1. I was chilling with my cat, and i know alot of my stoner friends have pets, and i was wondering how many people here had pets. List what kind of pet(s) your have and its name. I love animials. Accept snakes, they kind of scare me. And Bees.

    Cat - Stimpy
    Basset Hound - Robert
    Yellow Lab - Daisy
  2. Nice dude, Bassets kick major ass! Ive got a minuture Beagle named Rascal, and actually hes kind of a mischevious ass hole ;)
    But my best little stoner dog is Dally, shes a border collie/ heeler cross, and shes particapated in more hotboxes than most of the people in the forums. Funny to say it, but shes my best, most loyal friend.
    every stoner needs a good dog
  3. My gang:
    3 ferrets: Hunter, Nova, and Milo
    3 cats: Whiskers, Juliette (or Baby Jane Hudson), and Spotty
    12 fish: Charlie, Jamie, Wilson, Jonah, and Brandy's damn fish (goldfish), 3 neon tetras, 2 algae eaters, and Napoleon II, Fitterfatter, and Welfare Case (bettas)
    1 cockatiel: Teddy
    1 hamster: Orie
    1 Arabian horse: Pete

    I own a zoo.

    [​IMG] Milo says, legalize it.
  4. 2 cats - Smudge (fucking awsome i love him so much .. he is so affectionate and wonderful) and beauty (really skittish and annoying .. runs away at the slightest sound)

    And i think i might have some ... dust mites
    possibly some bacteria. . dunno :p
  5. yea, stimpy is a girl, which i found out after i named her haha. Is Beauty a girl? It seems girl cats are often times skiddish.

    I forgot, my girlfriend has the most origional name for her cat: Mr kat.
    He is a cool ass cat though, he always chills with us when we burn.

    I am getting a digital camera for christmas so ill try to take some pics of my pets and post them.

    Ive had robert since i was 10, and im 22 now. Bless his heart, he is getting old, and when he dies im going to cry like a baby.
  6. i have a rather large golden retriever named fudge.
    and an iguana named tron.

    right now trons mia but he will turn up when he gets cold or hungry.
    he kinda just roams my upstairs
  7. I have 3 dogs, two of them stoners like me
    Babs (Boxer terrior)- shes the old one, 12 years old this coming valentines day, she likes to sleep and cuddle with everyone, good lap warmer.

    Choppers (Hound beagle mix)- hes my soldier and he LOVES pot. since his breed is what it is he's a good howler, and whats better he only howls at 4 things other than that hes fine with anything even other dogs and cats and shit. He ONLY barks at babies, old people, birds, and mexicans.

    Sadie "short for satan" (long haired datson)- shes the "is that fuckin dog on meth?" pet. never sits still, always yappppping, and she always tries to fight with choppers when he's stoned (chops is prolly 5 times her size). she hates pot, so i dont force it on her.
  8. One Pug, her name is Jersey. She is a kick ass dog, so fun to play with when your stoned. :D
  9. Emmitt-Black Lab(my favorite dog)

    Jetta-Bull Mastif(I was hell bent on naming a dog Jetta)
  10. HOLYCRAP!One of my cats is also named Stimpy .LIke his namesake he is dumber than dirt but hes very sweet and hes afraid of pot.The other cat TootSie acts just like a princess and used to love weed.She liked getting shotguns and ate one of my first decent hand rolled joints and has eaten a resin ball.I also have a tiny ass blacklight tetra named "Fishy" who killed all of his bretheren.I love Animals. :wave:
  11. Ha, I have one stupid dog. And one stupid cat. I hate them both. Damn cat knocked over the christmas tree today. My mom got so pissed.. haha
  12. i have 2 cats. well actually only 1 cuz the other one is my girlfriend's and she's too poor to pay her pet deposit so i ended up with her cat.

    my cat's name is Lestat. he's a black male. haha, be on the lookout. he's fu*kin awesome. only likes weed if ya blow it in his ear and not his face.

    my girlfriend's cat is named princess. she's just like my girlfriend; bitchy, needy and time consuming. princess is a girl and orange like garfield, but not as big. and also like my girlfriend, she loves weed!

    haha, my old cat (which lives with my parents) is named chance. one time i crushed up some ecstacy and let her lick some of the dust off my hand. i've never seen a cat roll around on the carpet so much.

    i'm fixing to get a fishtank with some fishes. i plan on using it as a gravity bong.
  13. i have an Engjuana(if that's how u spell it),lol when i get a cam i'll show ya a pic of my^^^^^^^ it's name is green-eyez
  14. Hmm i have

    Ciberian Husky-Buddy
    Miniature chow-Red (shes my only inside dog)
    2 parakeets-
    ~blue one- blueberry
    ~green & yellow one-Sprite
    and a stray cat weve had for like 4 years-Kitty Kitty

    My poor kitty almost died a few months ago from a fuckin Rotweiler. I love rots but not that one :mad:
  15. Oh ya and by the way cute ferret ;)

    And also i really really want a Yorkie, and a hamster really bad.... :(
  16. A brown lab named tucker
  17. Mutha Tucker!!
  18. Here are a few pictures.

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  19. i have 2 cats



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