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  1. Hey everyone jus wonderin If u guys have any pets and if so what kind of pet.I have a puppy rottwieler named Madison and it keeps on getting bigger.
  2. A blue hiller dog named chewy, A red hiller dof named lucy,a balled python named beauty, (all at my dads house)

    a labrador dog named jewel, and jewels lab/pit mix puppy named catch.

    Hmm i love animals and i love my pets!
  3. i have a dog(shitsoo) a turtle and something else i just cant remember what it is......
  4. I got a one year old pug named Jersey. She is such a great dog. :)

    I also got my bong, pipe, bud....;)

  5. Lol :smoke: That cracked me up :D
  6. i got a dog (american eskimo) named saki
    2 cockateals named angel and tory
    some goldfish and a few saltwater fish
  7. i hav a dog
    a female golden retriever
    shes a really kind and loveable dog
    and she loves to blaze hahah
  8. I have a Brown Lab named tucker...who I'm about to kill because he chewed threw the power cord of my Vacuum....
  9. a cat (egyptian mau) named Tiger. he doesnt like weed all that much but hes real fuckin high on catnip ALL the time. we keep a bowl out for em cuz he bitches if we dont.
  10. I have a Rotweiler named Daisy. Personally I think that's a dumb name for a dog but I didn't name her. One time I went to the humane society just to look at the puppies and she was scheduled to get put to sleep the next day, which broke my heart. So I shelled out the money and took her home. Terrific dog, scary to strangers and sweet to me. She's dumb though, reminds me of Santa's Little Helper from the Simpsons.
  11. Shadow.

    the shannagins. coolest. dog. ever.

    everyone i know loves this dog to death! hes the biggest pothead, never once has he skipped out on a sesh between me and my buds. plus he eats like a champ :D 50 lbs, ive seen him down 12 oz steaks in a matter of seconds hahah.

    munchies will do that to ya i guess :D
  12. I've got a long haired (sheds all over the place!!) cat named Reese. As in Reese's peanut butter cups. :D
  13. I have a dog named cracker.

    1/2 lab, 1/2 chow (sp?)
    He has got a beautiful shiny black coat and big cute eyes. he is 1 year old.
  14. purebread mutt :D

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  15. My dog loves to get stoned, she always runs up when I'm smoking. But I rarely ever let her get some because all she wants to do is eat when she's stoned. She's a big dog, so she eats a lot sober, nevermind stoned. When she runs out of food she'll eat anything that's around, including my personal belongings.

    Sometimes I'll smoke her out if I'm not too lazy to watch her the entire time.
  16. A 6month old kitty, she's so cute, her name's Tifa... [Yeah from FF7, I know, but I didn't name her alright!?]

  17. Ahhh ff7 what a great game!

    I have 3 cats, Tigger the mother, minty and sid the kids.

    Dont really live at home much, more in the street and the gardens lol..
  18. newest addition to the family.

    shes about 12 weeks old, bull terrior, her name is Margot.

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  19. We have three "muts" and a Senegal parrot, here he is hammin it up for the cam.

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