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  1. I love cats! Personally can't stand dogs....I can't figure out what the deal is with dogs.

    I have 4 cats right now...Tiggs, Dooby, Porcelina Sassafrass, and Crookshanks. Lina (Porcelina) is sitting on my lap right now, purring up a storm :D Only thing I don't like about her is she always wants to jump in my lap when I'm breaking up weed....she has knocked it over more than once. :p
  2. I have heard that if you plan on getting your cat high, to blow the smoke in there ears. I guess that gets it in there blood stream more directly.
  3. i got by babies high last night,i pulled out the bowl and started to tako,wentover on my floor and sat by them and blew a hit in their face... they stood up at firstlike they wanted to run away but they just sat down and kinda liked it.. after a while i could tell they were feelin it cuz they wernt runnin all over the place, i grabbed the more fiesty one (taz) and i just rolled him over and rubbedhis belly and he went straight to sleep, then did the same to rosie.. awww i love them!!
  4. I got 8 cats, 4 dogs, and even 6 guinea pigs, so yeah, I guess I'm what you'd call an animal friendly stoner! :-D
  5. this is a bad picture, but I assure you he's quite cute in real life.

    Oh, yeah, and he's a MAJOR stoner.

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  6. Heh, you get that where i think you got it from?
  7. Here is my dog, a pure-bread beagle named Lady.

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  8. Yeah, my sister is a Harry Potter freak :p
  9. all i have to say is....

  10. I have 4 cat's and a dog.

    My sister's one cat decided it was going to sniff the pot. It got so high that it slept for 12 hours and began biting me untill I fed it. It was so funny. She is a kitten still lol
  11. these are pictures of my cat, his name is farley...

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  12. another picture

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  13. hehe, my cats love curling into balls too, btw, you go to tech? cause i didnt think anyone lives in blacksburg thats in their teens/early twenties that doesnt go there. if ya do, how do you like it, cause i applied there.

  14. yeah my cat rocks...

    i do go to tech, and i absolutley love it, i couldnt imagine going anywhere else. but youd be suprised to know that the community of blacksburg is actually rather large, my roomate went to blacksburg high school and now he goes to tech too...i can only speak from my own experience, but i love the setting of the school, the downtown of blacksburg is awesome and there is a very big off campus community...if you have any specific quections, let me know
  15. I know this thread has been dead for a while, but i just had to post a picture of my new dog Charlie!

    A friend had to get rid of him for certain reasons, so he's with me now!

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