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  1. I've noticed a lot of pot smokers are animal-friendly. I was curious as to what kinda pets you guys prefer. I have a bunch of animals, but my favorite to smoke with is my one cat cause he likes to chill on my bed with me and get a contact buzz going. I'd also really love to see what my horse would act like stoned, since he's already kinda retarded and will eat anything you feed him.
  2. i have a shit load of animals...lizard snake and a gonna try to get my cat stoned one of these drunk right now so if i made any spellling errors sorry...i feel like im gonna puke
  3. heres one of my 3 cats, i pull up a chair so she can sit next to me!:)

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  4. closer!!

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  5. I have a dog, yorkshire terrier 14 years old and is still playful, 2 cats one is a hunter and very friendly the other is a runt, pussy ass cat who hates everyone and wont let you pet it. I love to hold it just to piss it off. and i had a chameleon (very cool) but i smoked in my room and i think i killed it by giving it cotton mouth/dehydrating it (they dont drink from a sitting water source so you have to mist their cage, so if it was being dehyrdrated it couldnt get its own water. i tried to save it but it was hopeless)
  6. right now were animaless... we hada boxer, his name was king and we had him for a long ass time, and he was bigger then most so he was expected to die like 4 years before he did... and i miss him, was also had a cat names katie... had her since i was born, yes that old... when shewas mid aged she weighed about 15 lbs for a while... then all of a sudden she like stopped eating and lost most of her weight... then she stopped drinking so we put her down... sux ass, today we were gunna go get acat or 2... but everythings lets soo how it goes!
  7. Dogs..

    i hate cats... to many cats be wondering around the block, so i let my dog lose on

    i aswell got a iguana, and a perrot.......

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  8. my sis has so many animals. she has a ratl, mouse, dog, cat, fish , toad, lizard...and i sont know what else she house is a fucking zoo.
  9. heres my boy, he's older now, ill get a picture of him later, but he was about 2 mos here. ill let him decide if he wants to smoke or not :)

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  10. aww what a cutie! :)
  11. Here's my puppy, Teddy :)
    He LOVES to come and smoke with me!!

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  12. I have an American Pit Bull Terrior that is about 11 monthes old, he loves marijuna smoke!!!! whenever im in my room and I spark up a bowl hes always right there lol Also my g/f has a 3 legged jack russel terrior that isn't quite sure about it yet lol she will sneak up and try to smell the weed but when u catch her she'll run away

    I love my puppies, best freinds in the world
  13. right now i have a cat named Hobo, she is a calico (i think thats right lol) and i have a tarantula named Spidey (yah...i know) and i have a king snaked named yah
  14. I got a snake called blizzard and my bro has a goldfish called neville, lol. We are also thinkin about gettin a cat/dog but my dad hates them, and wont let us have one, bastard lol
  15. I've got a dog named Roxy (I love her to death!) and a guinea pig named Fidgit.

    Oh, and my best friend has a dog named MUNCHIES... how tight is that?
  16. Right now I have a retarded dog, and although I hate cats, there are a few running around... one's cool, he's the stoner, ones an old rat-bag, and the other's a snobby b!tch, but she's cool sometimes, usualy at night for some reason. I'd like to get a reptile or something, maybe fish, I like the 'lit up' tanks with colorful fish... That reminds me, anyone hear about those glow in the dark fish that our gov geneticly 'enhanced' to be that way?
  17. ok, i take my lastpost back... we just got 2 new kittens, both now are 9 weeks old and the bos name is taz short for the tazmanian devil cuz hes a nutball!! and the girls name is rose... their both so friggen cute, taz right now is sitting on my lap staring atthe screen,and every time i move themouse he tries to run up to thescreen and pounce... after clawing me like hes watching me type and its kinda scarry... like he wantsto "play" i wish i had a digitan camara to show you guys, mabey soon, or mabey someone round here will let me borrow one....
  18. petless now but yeah i love animals. if my friends pet chills with us it get stoned. dogs seem to be with us more then anything else.
  19. i have a cat at my parents house...his name is my apartment we have like 10 fish and my roomie's girlfriend keeps her turtle...her name is molly
  20. BTW, nice lookin pup Naughty
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