Pets with Pothead names

Discussion in 'Pets' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. If I ever get a pet its getting called Marley, I don't care if it doesn't suit it lol

    I was thinking about naming my next lizard Little Bob Marley
  3. Lol that would be cool

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  4. My hamsters called Bob, innocently chosen by my 9 year old step daughter. Perfect 👍
  5. Im getting a new grey tabby today.
    I like Dabby Tabby
    And Cannyelle (Canny for cannabis and elle for L bc all we smoke are blunts)
  6. My dogs are named Cash and Bogey, I just realized they sound like pothead names

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  7. Bogart
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  8. I'm thinking of naming my cat Captain Kush and my dog MJ
  9. Maybe he will look something like this?


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