Petroleum jelly on weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Malc0m, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Well here is the story ...
    i was so close to being caught so i hid an open dime bag into a container of carmex(chapstick)

    well the carmex jar had very little in it . when i opened the jar to see the weed there was some chapstick over areas of the weed making it kind of sticky .
    so my question here is is it safe to roll up and smoke it im not sure the carmex infused weed is safe just looking for some feed back
  2. if you are a soldier, yes

  3. you cant really see it but if you touch some of the weed your fingers get kind of oily and if you squeeze it its squishy [​IMG]
  4. Probably not the best thing to inhale but I've smoked weird shit like that and I turned out fine, one time my buddy stashed his weed in the bottom part of a deodorant stick and some how, twisting the deodorant to get the weed out broke the bag open and the 2 nugs he had were all mixed in with chunks of deodorant so we picked as much nug as we could outta the deoderant, there was still a few white chunks in are bowl but we toked anyways, tasted like shit but I'm still healthy I think.
  5. I deff wouldn't smoke that man, never know what could happen
  6. lol alright thanks i'm gonna go do it
    btw i'm new and i'm in love with the forum nice , fast responses helpful insightful

  7. Post back if you turn into a super human or develop lung cancer lol
  8. scaring the shit out of me but will do!:wave:
  9. PETROLEUM Jelly. Not going to be very good for you but I guess if it's desperate times. It doesn't look like much to me so I would write it off a loss but I don't know what you keep as a stash.
  10. It will light on fire and burn hot, fast, and quick. I personally would throw it away.
  11. I'd smoke it if it was all I had. But if you got more bud than that I would throw it away.
  12. i got stopped by cops and a few of the dudes were smoking b&m's but they had the windows up. when the cops stopped us they thought we were trying to hide the scent of weed.
    long story short dude sketched so bad he dropped it in a gatorade bottle.
    got away scot free, dried the weed in a microwave and napkins, smoked that bitch. tasted like red gatorade, got me high af

    basically im saying smoke that shit. probably bad for you but one time with a tiny amount wont hurt. plus that purp looks nice
  13. Don't let anything go to waste.
  14. save that weed and smoke up your enemies. like take fake hits when its your turn.

  15. That is mean... nasty man.
  16. If you happen to be susceptible (many people are), there's always a chance for permanent scarring and tissue damage, and lipid pneumonia when inhaling concentrated petroleum. The short-term consequences of scarring may be mild, to nil, but as you age the risk for developing respiratory complications multiplies, when compared to those who have not endured such exposure.

    Smoking aside, you're not even supposed to use or apply it inside your nose to prevent chapping, due to those risks.

    In the future, if something like this should happen again and if you can't bear to part with it, just make the herb into edible oil :)

    That's much better for your body, than exposing your lung tissue to unnecessary amounts of petroleum. :yay:

  17. the fuck do you mean you just told him to smoke it himself

  18. Well, that's HIS weed so he should smoke it himself.

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