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Petition To President Obama To Request Tobacco To Be Classified As A Schedule I Drug, To Highlight Hypocrisy Of Current Drug Laws

Discussion in 'General' started by renordw, May 21, 2013.

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    Added link to first post.
  3. That will never, ever happen. The tobacco companies make a lot of money and have a lot of power.
  4. I'd like to have a response from the White House explaining exactly how much power you have to have before you're exempt from federal laws.
  5. Yea that won't ever happen ever. And besides cannabis is going to be legalized in the next 10 or 20 years anyway. Maybe sooner if we're lucky. 
  6. fuck that don't take away my tobacco and keep my weed illegal
  7. Do you really think the Obama administration is going to look at this petition and go "Well, they have a point. Schedule I it is!"? Hell no. The purpose of this is to point out the extreme hypocrisy of the whole situation, because if it gets 100,000 signatures it MUST receive a reply from the White House. And what a ridiculous response that would be...
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    They'll do a similar response to all the marijuana legalization petitions.  Aka laugh at it in a 10 second statement.
  9. So, reading your two responses, you think they'll both take away your tobacco and laugh at the petition?
  10. No I was just saying, why do a petition without the intent of hoping it comes true.  And I hope it doesn't come true.
    The second response was in response to your point which was in combat of mine.  Completely different point.
    Are you one of those slow children?
    Either way the petition is a really dumb idea.  Prohibition is never good so why promote it?
  11. Im down for that where do i sign
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    The petition doesn't even mention marijuana, because I want to avoid getting yet another marijuana response letter. Instead I am trying to pressure the government to admit they aren't being honest about drugs.
  13. You can't argue both sides, you sound ridiculous. Then, you're attacking me because you know how you must seem.
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    My facebook now, with a link to this petition, mostly to make a point about weed considering I don't have much against tobacco  :laughing: :
    Nicotine is a carcinogenic psychoactive substance associated with the deaths of half a million people per year, yet it is legal and sold alongside candy bars in almost every store in the nation. Its legality is asinine as secondhand smoke alone causes 50,000 deaths per year, meaning you don't even have to be the one choosing to smoke for tobacco to kill you. It's time to recognize the facts, common sense and take this deadly, medically useless substance off the streets. If people want to smoke, they can have their depravity recognized by being labelled criminals. There's nothing like prison time to encourage someone to avoid something, so it'd be the perfect diversion method, much more effective than some Surgeon General's warning that nobody reads. Just like marijuana, right? Well, minus every single one of the deaths. Well, and you have to consider the fact that it doesn't factually meet the criteria considering its empirically substantiated medical uses. Oh, and that its abuse potential is more comparable to caffeine, without the physical dependency. BUT IT'S THE DEVIL'S LETTUCE, MAN! ;)
    In case it's not clear, I am NOT signing this petition. lol
  15. yeah, no. Don't you dare try and take spliffs and goddamn blunts away from me  :mad:
  16. You're missing the point. I should have known better than to try and convince pot heads to actually mobilize and do something. Just go back to your couch.
  17. Please don't insult stoners on a website dedicated to stoners. It's really stupid.  :rolleyes: 
  18. Look up at your first post on this thread, and then call me stupid again.
  19. Fuckkk that.. If it passes I am sure tons of people will trip. This whole idea is a buncha people blind to the impact on others, as long as they get what they want.......both sides.
  20. as an owner of a RYO Tobacco store i dont support this.
    Besides tobaccos a plant. Nicotines the drug. 

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