Petition To Get South Park Back On Netflix Instant

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  1. Can somebody please start an internet petition to bring South Park back to Netflix Instant and encourage other blades to sign it. They removed it from their streamable titles due to a contract ending, and the only way they will bring it back and renew their contract is if they know that demand for it is high. I would make one myself but I don't know how to; however I will sign any petition that a fellow blade makes.

  2. Will somebody at least reply to show some support. I know their has to be more people that support this.
  3. Yes.  I'd like to see Netflix bring South Park back; that was the one show I watched religiously.
  4. and lets get Death Note back on while were at it
  5. Nope. Buy a hardrive, download that chit and stop giving greedy bastards money IMO.

    Glad I cancelled Netflix. Nothin but ol ass borin shit on there.

    Torrents ftw.
  6. I just downloaded em all and burned em to blurays
  7. Its a matter of contracts. They can't put it back on until they can gain the contract back. This costs money. Unless you can give them that money it won't happen. Its not like they said "I think we just won't play south park anymore". It wasn't a ahim...they just didn't have the money.
    I'm sure Kim Dotcom agrees with you. And yes I know megaupload wasn't a torrent site, just a nice reminder of what kind of irrevokable shit piracy can get you into. It's a lot better to have Netflix on the console when the pc is not accessible. AND they do get new shit all the time.
  9. Yeah you're right, living in fear of crossing the line is better. Much nicer to be constrained by a corporation and give them your money, no?

    Nothing better than PRIVATE torrent sites. Invite only, your choice of what you get, no commercials.

    Worth the risk IMO.

    To each his own.
    Nice assumptions you drew on me there, Detective. I agree on invite only for privacy though. Too bad the sites are scarce on shit I need. And a certain someone's d'e'm'o'n'o'i'd account stopped increasing the seed ratio despite corrections being made. 
    The risk is just insane. Murdering and raping (order of said events up to imagination) an entire state would still cost you less time and money than getting caught with half a terabyte of movies.
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    Nothing is going to get you in trouble for downloading movies/tv shows illegally. Unless you are doing it on an ungodly large scale, like multiple 1000's of TB's.
    The people who host the files are the ones who get fined/sued a majority of the time.  If at all.
    That said netflix is cheap as helll and worth the cost and you should buy it and not steal them.
  12. Bring back Yu-Gi-Oh!
  13. True. A certain someone has never been into mass-seeding, so I guess he'll be alright. ;) But the risk is best acknowledged. 
    Netflix is definitely a day-saver when you're bored to shit with literally nothing else to do but to kill time. And that it does well.

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