Petition requesting the president to remove cannabis from dea

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    So basically this petition is attempting to advance on obamas statement that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol. it requests cannabis should not be on the scheduled drugs list for the DEAI'm a Brit so may not be as clued in as some of you guys about the system but it seems that he can use his power to do this without requiring a vote on congress etc If thousands of people sign this then it can only do good things, being realistic it is doubtful it will force Obama to change immediately BUT it gives us another poll to quote about the amount of people who want recreational cannabis.It has 36,000 signatures as of now but is increasing exponentially if I got any of that incorrect please tell me so I may edit itSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  2. Why doesn't this have more signatures?
  3. Because it's been done hundreds, if not thousands of times with absolutely no results. 
  4. You need feet on the street if you want to change things! Don't know if you've realised the government only does things that interest them, unless they can gain popularity.
  5. I mean, when the US government gives more public attention to a petition calling for the construction of a deathstar than a petition regarding the illegality of cannabis, that might be a clue that things are fucked up and it's time to start looking at other options. 
  6. Well, we do kinda need a Death Star.....
  7. [quote name="StonerNack" post="19409650" timestamp="1390753226"]Well, we do kinda need a Death Star.....[/quote]We may need one but id rather it not be in the us governments hands Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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