Petition: Release Brendan Lillis now!

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    Brendan Lillis (59) is a former Political Prisoner who served a lengthy sentence behind bars for Republican activities. He was released from Long Kesh in 1994 and returned to his West Belfast home.

    In October, 2009, Brendy was again arrested in connection with an attempted robbery in County Derry. Within hours of his arrest, the British Secretary of State revoked his Life Sentence licence and he was returned to gaol.

    Last month, the High Court in Belfast decided that Brendy should not stand trial and all charges were dropped against him. Despite the ruling, he remains in the prison hospital at Maghaberry Gaol. He suffers from a chronic medial condition called, ankylosing spondylitis which cause the spine to fuse.

    At present, he is confined to bed and his condition has taken a turn for the worst. His weight has also plummeted to six stone and his state is causing huge concern to his friends and family.

    The Friends of Brendan Lillis is a support group. Our primary aim is to have Brendy immediately released to ensure he recieves the proper medical attention he deserves. His continued imprisonment is wrong and we call for his release on humanitarian grounds.

    Release Brendan Lillis Now! - Petition Spot

    I ask yall to please read this and sign the petition. The man has been through a lot in his life and is clearly being unfairly treated because of his political beliefs and past. Instances of prisoner mistreatment in the north of Ireland has gone up in the past few years and this will hopefully help it stop. It is my belief that the british are doing this in order to test republican and nationalist resolve. It is sick that they are using this mans life as a toy.

    If this man is left to die in prison I have it will most likely result in an escalation in violence that may lead towards an all out war like in the 60s-70s and 80's.

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