Petition for the "old" Recreational Marijuana use Section

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by brandon73686, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. I know a lot of times it was getting messy and people were using it more like a general forum but I liked having the old "all things weed related" recreational use section. I don't visit anything on this site anymore except for the general use forum. Maybe I'm being dumb but I am sure that some will agree so please put your 2 cents in.

    1st to sign- Brandon73686
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    I liked the old rec mj aswell.

    Sir Tokes Alot
  3. haven't even touched a marijuana thread since that section/forum was removed
  4. I concur.

    - The Almighty Czarchastic
  5. either way i'm not trippin

    but the old one was better

    signed, Bleezie_King
  6. Rec is full of underage kids the old rec had the same recycled threads being posted over and over and over it's a lot more organized now.
  7. I agree, I have barely touched those forums since they were changed :(

    Then again I guess I didn't visit them all that much anyways
  8. According to our stats, it is still the most popular forum so while some members don't go in there anymore, most members do.
  9. I never went in there back in the day. I actually stop by a little bit here and there now. I, personally, like the change. :)

    ...You guys also never had to deal with moderating rec usage. Before the change it was a nightmare. Now it's pretty easy. If you want the "all things weed related" forum - go to Apprentice Tokers. That's sorta what that's become. Just minus the pics of pipes/buds/etc.
  10. I prefer the newer one, I just make the trip up the scroll bar to look at pipes etc. in between all the time I spend in other sections.
  11. i never go to the rec forum anymore; but i don't really think the reason is because you split up the forums. i just like the private section more :)

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