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petition against commercials

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by tokintilchokin, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm thinking about starting a petition against those "marijuana isn't harmless" commercials. If anyone thinks this is a good idea just tell me.
  2. Get your duckies all in row, get your facts, cross your T's and dot your I's, make it look professional, and go for it!
  3. slap sally and get her boobs all lubed up, and well get this petition on the show.

  4. Yeah, I coulda said it like that, but I knew you'd want to.
  5. well..thankya:D

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  6. not a bad idea. They are such a waist of tax money :/
  7. lol namron...i love the pics you put up!
  8. thankee ma'am *tips hat*
  9. yeah and once this petition is done tell ukcia.org about it. then it'l get loadsa coverage, they'll send it on to loads peeps. and map and all dem others too.
  10. DIGIT!!

    dare you be back for extended periods of time now?
  11. lol dirtyd... on my 'puter it's only norm's posts that are fuckin' everything up...

    ooo... norm broke the city! LOL
  12. Cottons is right again.

    Get the petition going and let us know. Alot of us will sign it!
  13. when will people learn... i'm ALWAYS right. lmao, j/k...

    yeah... i'll sign if it you get it all official and such.
  14. yea go for it dude

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