Petes fish n chips

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  1. Layin in my bed thinkin that I'm dead as a spider crawls on by I smash and watch it die. It comes back to life and gives me a fright as I wonder back towards that way. For now I am lost trying to find the day where I can find a nice place to stay. I grab hold a branch as it takes me to a ranch where I find cheese that gets you high. They had blue cheese, they had gold cheese, they had old cheese and they had mold cheese, but the cheese I noticed the most was the one that was with the host. This host had gave me a post where I had found a little note that was speaking ever so fast. All the note said was that I should be dead and that spider I killed was givin it chills. I asked the note if it had the time and it replied, "well sir I think he had just slipped away." I searched so very kind and nowhere did I find this precious little time. I came across a door that was on the second floor that had a sign that said "NO" so I said to myself "it must be time to go". I traveled back home where I knew I was alone so I decided to play a game. This game I had made makes no sense at all as you toss up a stick and destroy a big ball. The time has come now to give you a foul as you walk on the court shooting blocks in the socks. You're doing it wrong don't make me play along as you look at the score you tumble to the floor we pick you back up throw you in a truck and sell your body to a whore. This whore is named nancy as she sure did fancy that big jumbled tub of corn. This corn she had warned was the start of a swarm of bigger and better bees. The bees had no knees as they flew at top speed, but when they landed the sprung back with a clack. The world heard the clack and he decided to run back as he took a turn round the corner he started burn black. Now this was pretty normal as he looked ever so formal wearing his heel toed shoe. This shoe came apart so he let out a fart and out came a dart as fast as it could. Now this dart had a name but we couldn't quite explain how it was traveling sideways rolling around the driveway. As we watched it roll on we made up a song called "you will never find out" if you'd like to hear the song be prepared because it's long it's gonna hit you like a bomb here we go here comes the song. Too bad you'll never find out. It's now six thirty three pirate started with p but now it drifted off to a place we call Snoff. To get to Snoff there are things you must know, like how to tie your shoe and how to grow old. As you grow old beware of the hold that time will have on you, keeping you it's victim for eternity. Time will kill us all FOREVER. Take the towel dry yourself off make sure your not wet take spot to the vet put him down slow watch his ego grow, higher than any tree higher than any plane it's turning him insane. Plop back down, give him a frown and steal his smile away. Put it in your pocket don't forget to lock it keep it shut tight don't give it any light just keep on moving and forget this horrid sight, rhyme words that don't rhyme like potato an sherm. Take that pcp take it at once, and into space you go. Up and up and up is where you'll be make sure you see the burning light of green take it by the stream run along and dream. Keep your head in your shoulders try not to loose it, watch out for firefly's they'll give you bruises. Try not to cry there's a good reason why let the ants take me over let them devour my flesh and tear out my eyes, but what a surprise I learned how to fly. I darted on up away from the cup as I wanted to find my peace. The peace I wanted wasn't what you think, when you use it all up it starts to turn pink. It would be nice if we all just held ice and decided our troubles away. Some with a drink some with a smoke, others use dope but I use a rope. It dangles it tangles it dances all around if you continue to count it, it'll fall to the ground. The rope is a joke while I wear a cloak I hide in the distance with a rock and a clock. The rock has told me to watch the time so I tried but it jumped away. I ran after it as fast as I could but I stumbled on a giant piece of wood. When I looked down at I saw an addict and I told him he needs to get clean. This addict had told me that he wasn't old and that he did the drugs to get rid of the bugs. I knew what he meant so off I went to the jungle filled with jingles. As I looked all around there but not one sound so I wondered where it had gone. I looked at this jungle then started to mumble about the trees and bees. I found a giraffe but he was an ass so I left him to die in the bundle of a jungle. They cheated and beated but never said a word while the cats and the kittens destroyed little birds. We walked to a place and we saw a little vase so I told it to break and break it did. But little did I know this vase had a crow that squawked all day long and beckoned to sing a song, this song I had known it was made of pure gold but as I began to sing it out grew mold. This mold was intense more suspense than you think more than a boat about to sink with hundreds of people aboard. The crow had grown old so I bid it farewell as we rode our carpet down straight to hell. The devil was there he owed me a twenty dollar bill, he told me to fiddle upon the there hill. I started to fiddle to devil was in the middle. It was a little hot so I smoke a bit of pot to ease my troubles away. I mean cmon now I was playing the fiddle for the devil on a hill that was filled with rebels knew nothing but trouble. Here ends this rant with a beautiful chant of marigold flowers and songs of great power. Farewell my friends i hope we meet again.

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