Peter Schiff moneybomb - August 7

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 420420420, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. I know Schiff is pretty popular on these boards so I wanted to drop by and inform you that a moneybomb has been set up for TODAY to try to raise $750,000 solely from individual donors

    Peter Schiff for Senate 2010 - Moneybomb!

    As of 6 o'clock EST he has $617,568

    I think Schiff would be a great addition to the Senate (especially replacing that hack Chris Dodd) so I'm going to be chipping in a couple bucks.

    He is for ending war on drugs, so I thought that might influence some of you to donate some spare change
  2. The guy makes alot of sense when he's allowed to finish a sentence. Too bad these elections always seem to hinge on money though...wouldn't it be nice if the millions of dollars wasted on elections would go to good causes and the politicians would get to state their cases on a public tv channel for very little $$? It just seems like the guy with the most money always's a vicious cycle and pathetic.

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