PETA Kills 95% of Adoptable Pets in it's Care.

Discussion in 'Pets' started by IMAEREHW, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. this is why I pretty much dont support PETA, bunch of douchebags if you ask me.

    they just need to stop the autoeroticism... seriously.

  2. Every time you masturbate, peta kills an animal.
  3. appearently PETA = GOD.... and this would explain a lot of things.

    i keeed.
  4. Every time you do anything PETA kills an animal.
  5. this news had made me sick beyond belief. I am a strict vegiterean and have donated to the PETA foundation, too see my money has went to this is disgusting. I hope there has been a misunderstanding of some point because:mad: I am sooo mad. I always stuck up for them when people called them freaks......... this whole thing just pisses me off. wow. :mad:
  6. Well.
    I'm an animal rights activist in my own way.
    I eat meat because if it wasn't for meat we'd never have developed complex brains. And we have to, it's the circle of life.

    But I'm not going to buy a fur coat or a leather jacket. Unless I knew it was skin from an animal that had been eaten.

    That's reasonable.
    I don't fish either. or eat fish, because that's just a shitty way to die. even if their memory is only 3 seconds, it still blows to suffocate.
  7. I respect animals, dont get me wrong. I love them actually. but as you said humans rely on animal proteins to develop, well almost everything. we relied on our hunting skills to survive as a species, and pretty much we owe much of our intelligence to the skills we developed being a hunter gatherer.

    plus i just love eating meat. animal rights is just lame you know, we are a superior species, we are on the top of the food chain.
  8. Hypocrites and they don't believe in animal testing even if it leads to the cure of AIDS or cancer. I wouldn't doubt they make millions every year either.
  9. Yeah, PETA's total BS. I remember a guy wrote to Racer X (motocross magazine) about an ad with Carey Hart endorsing them. I think the quote from him was "Chains are for bikes, not dogs." Anyway, this guy enlightened a large number of people on the fact that they aren't exactly what they say. They figure it's not right to have your dog sleep outside. Shit. When he learns to build a house or amass the funds to buy one, he can shed and drool all over the place. They lived outside before we came along and forced them to live with us. There are far bigger issues to address than dogs sleeping in their natural environment.

    One thing on the fishing, you generally bash their heads in. Farms don't obviously but if you have someone to teach you how to do it, it's quick. Fishing is a perfect smoking sport too!
  10. i love meat, i love steak, i love chicken, i love seafood. i dont give a fuck what you freaks think meat is amazing and who give a flying fuck.

    peta assholes are retarded and im glad theyve been exposed. now i can go rip on these assholes.

    im going to go eat some beef jerky now.
  11. qft, Pedifials Even Touch Animals = peta:D
  12. It's okay because they kill them humanely...
  13. Meat is MURDER. Tasty, tasty murder. :devious:
  14. i'm a vegetarian, but i've never supported peta.
    this doesn't really surprise me, if this is in fact true...
  15. word, still a good conversation starter.
  16. I didnt notice they had cited a reference... To an anti-PETA website without sources lol.

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