pet pot tolerance?

Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, May 7, 2004.

  1. how much smoke do you think it takes to get an animal high? my cats used to not mind some smoke every now and then, but now they hate it and get all pissed off when i try and blow some smoke their way. How much does your pet need to get stoned?

    see... he's angry

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  2. haha thats funny
  3. when i used to get my cats ripped, me and my buddy who i smoked with all the time just blew every hit toward them, and they didnt seem to mind, and sometimes got closer and purred in our laps. so i would say one or two bowls, every hit after our lungs went towards them. of course the thc ammount is much less once exhaled, but i would say one real hit of weed, like if they were to somehow take it straight from the burn source would get em stoned.
  4. woodnt it be badASS if your dog/cat could actually hit a bowl or a joint? like in dude wheres my car?

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