[Pet Peeve] The Over-Exaggerators

Discussion in 'General' started by What'sThatSmell, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. There is no particular inspiration for me making this thread.
    I was just about to post in the "Girls who expect to be smoked up for free" thread when I had a random memory flash-back to a few different coversations I've had with girls while in sessions.

    One particular note from one of these conversations struck a chord with me.
    While in the middle of a nice toke session from a six-shooter bong I was talking with the girl I arrived at the session with.
    I commented on the sesh the blades there had already accomplished, "Smoking a half-bag in under half a day? That's a pretty nice accomplishment."
    And the girl replied, "That's an average thing for these guys, I've been a part of a number of these sessions."

    Now, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the guys had had many of these similar sessions before, two were hardcore stoners I knew and the other was an ex-convict.
    That was not the thing.
    It was the fact that the girl I was there with included herself in a variety of these sessions, acting as if she'd played a major role in downing some of these half-zips.
    And I know damn well she's never been able to hit the bong more than 2-3 times or have 2 bowls worth from a pipe being passed, in short, she is a lightweight.

    I know way too many people like that.
    Just because a large quantity was smoked one day, they feel as if they can say "Yeah, I smoked a _______!"

    No, fucking no, you did not smoke that much, you smoked 1/8th of that amount because the session had 8+ people in it.
    If I sat half these kids down with an identical amount for the two of us, I guarantee they'd all pass out.

    Fuck, if you're going to be a bitch and brag about smoking a large amount, at least say "Yeah, I was in a ________ session with some blades"
    Don't say "Yeah I smoked an entire _________, I was soooo fucking baked you don't even know!"

    God damn, sorry, rant on idiots.

    Who else hates people who over-exaggerate how much they've toked in a session?
    *Just to look like a heavy-duty stoner*
  2. their just trying to impress you, just say to them 'hey i know your full of shit so quit lying' or something along those lines and they'll shut up straight away.
  3. Eh people do that shit all the time I just ignore it, their not fooling anyone other than them selfs.

    I was talking to someone the other day actually he was spouting off something about how he used to smoke a qp a week himself and yadda yadda yadda. I just give them doubting looks and say uhuh.

    I used to hate when people lied about that shit but anymore I figure who cares, let them stand there and look like a jack ass everyone knows is full of shit.

    EDIT: I don't even see smoking a mad amount of weed as an accomplishment more like a failure and a waste, if your seasoned you should be able to toke a bowl between a few heads and everyone be blazed, proper cornering and inhaling.
  4. yeh tru that^...

    then you get the ones that continue to talk shit even though they know your onto them, some people just like to talk shit.... eventually people stop listening.
  5. i think smoking large amounts of weed is stupid as hell, you can really only get so high from smoking weed.. after that you jus kinda start feeling dumber.. i dont smoke no more than like 2 blunts at a time, cuz anything more is kind of a waste in my opinion
  6. I'm with Neg.

  7. So true man..

    i just kinda tune people like that out..what really gets me are "toppers", when you tell a cool story, they make one up to top the story you just told, for example..ill be like "hey, i saw a sexy ferrarri tonight.." then the topper will say "really? I saw a lambo diablo today too!"

    fucking annoying.
  8. I know quite a few people like that, actually, and I'm the only one in my circle of friends that doesn't take it in with the stupidity of an animal (not to be offensive). I mean, it's so ridiculously easy to see through stories like that, it's a wonder why people still talk to people like that.

    I just let them go about their business, personally, but it still bugs me.
  9. who gives a fuck if she says she can smoke a lb a day? maby shs just trying to impress you or maby... who cares why. why let a petty thing like that burn your ass so?
  10. "Toppers" and over exaggerators are probably 2 of my biggest peeves and lucky me, my best friend's new girlfriend is a nice little mix of both of these. And what makes it even worse is that she moved here from cali to live with him. It wouldn't be all bad if she actually went out and got a job and some of her own friends, but that's doesn't seem too likely. I haven't been able to hang out just one on one with my BEST friend for the past 6 months because of her always being around and super clingy.

    She's not a toker, so, she's not an "amount I smoked over-exaggerator" she's a full on loud, obnoxious, life exaggerating, story topping, whining litte bitch. I used to live with her and my friend but after a month I got so fed up, cause our personalities clashed all the time, that I moved out and now she is slowly coming between me and my friend, which is partially his fault cause he's a pussy and can't stand up to her and tell her to just shut up every once and awhile.

    Sorry for the rant, I just get real pissed when a friend's gf/bf tries to come between you and your friend's friendship and the friend, fully knowing of the situation at hand, doesn't take any action. Loyalty and trust are the only things I get real rip shit about if they are broken, and being my best friend long before this chick should have some sort of weigh on the situation but it doesnt.

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