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Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. When I was 15 I had two beautiful dogs. My mom worked with a Vet. and one day he came into some free puppies (no idea how), both AKC registered. A pure-bred Black Labrador and Golden Retriever.

    We took them both in. Raised them for 10 years. Those dogs were my buddies. Always happy to see me no matter what mood I was in. Jumping, playing, sleeping with me and keeping me warm in winter. Then, one day, I don't know what, a big car or truck hit both of them. (That were always together. Never left each other's side, since they grew up as puppies.)

    They died. Its been about 5 years, and I want a dog or two. I know I can't have one for a while, since I'm usually traveling. But, once I retire, I want a couple of dogs and my girl. That's all I need.

    A man and his dog. No other bond, beyond marriage. :D

    So, I've been thinking up some names for my future, fury-friends.

    Mary-Jane (Obvious stoner choice, if its for a girl.)
    Leroy (My old, black cat and Ant I smoked.)
    Apollo Creed
    Dirk Diggler
    Lou Dog (Sublime, reference...duuuh. :p)
  2. I had this Pointer mix, Zippy. Best dog ever.

    Now I have a Basset Hound named Madigan or Maddie for short.

    Man, Zip the wonderdog. I remember when I was 3 he ran into our yard and we ended up keeping him till he died at around 15.
  3. Sometimes, you really miss old pets. I had an awesome brown cat. Always chilled with me. Slept near my belly, kept me warm. Then, we had to put it to sleep because she had cancer.

    Best cat ever. 2nd is Leroy. My huge, brute, of a stoner cat. ALWAYS was laid back. Didn't care what happened to it. Man, that was a cool cat. He's still alive, but living in a different home.

    Love cats and dogs.
  4. I alway thought Swisher would be a cool name.

    Honestly if it were me id name them Swisher and Optimo.

    Although Herbert always sounded good for a dog.
  5. Dylan(after Bobby D)
    Lennon(after John Lennon)
  6. Damn

    Swisher would be a cool name.
  7. My dogs name is Ben
    I didnt choose the name, I got him already named. But the name fits him perfectly and its kinda a tight name for a dog if you think about it. Or maybe I'm just saying that because hes my dog...I dont know.
  8. Honestly, you can't name a dog until you've had him/her for a while. They make their own name.

    edit: Herb is pretty good though, I can imagine any dog with that name...
  9. You're right.

    I just haven't had a pet in so long. I love pets. I miss having a faithful dog. When, I'm owning that organic farm in Australia, I'll be having myself plenty of healthy dogs. :)
  10. I have a beagle named chuck norris, a tortoise named pablo escobar, and a cat named scraper.
  11. My old dog was named Satchmo, cause he was black and he could play the trumpet.
  12. Sorry if these are too large for you guys.. My resolution plays tricks on me. :rolleyes:


    Reverend (Recently Deceased)
  13. awesome pics durchii, Id say rambo's is my fav just cuz the look on his face :D

    I tend to like cats more, but when I see a really cute dog with that trouble-maker face I always fall in love =D
  14. nice pic of reverend. those eyes are a beauty

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