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  1. I know that you can use a pyrethrum fogger to kill any pest when doing an indoor grow, but are there any wide-area pesticides, like an outdoor fogger? My plants are currently in temporary pots away from the grow site, before I transplant so anything would work and not hurt them.
  2. you could get a pump-pressure sprayer and dose the area with malathion or something. Personally, I don't like using chemicals. I would much prefer to use predatory insects to kill whatever is bugging my plants.
  3. Yes, there are outdoor foggers. They're a little expensive and any chemical you can buy to use with them is going to have virtually no residual effect. They're mostly effective as direct-contact applications against mosquitoes and ticks. I can't think of a practical application for them on/around your plants unless you get an actual infestation at somepoint. I'd go for soapy water or ladybugs.
  4. I made an organic insecticide with garlic and soap a couple of years back. It worked real well.
  5. That's what I use on my plants if all else fails. I mix garlic, cayenne pepper, vinnegar and water and boil it for a couple hours. Then I strain it into a squirt bottle with a couple drops of ivory. By buddy puts a cigarrette in the same recipe.
  6. I add some soap, it is a wetting agent and helps the stuff make good contact with an insect´s body.

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