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  1. my outdoor has spider mites, i also found a caterpiller inside one of my buds, they only have a couple weeks left. is there anything i can do to get rid of my pests without damaging the final product.

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  2. spray it down with an insect killer that is safe to use on vegatble plants. That is if you don't intend to harvest within the next couple of weeks. Any of the pyrethium based killers will work fine.

    Some peopemsay a mild soapy solution sprayed on the plants works, but it doen't do a thorough enough job for my liking.
  3. Will placing moth bolls around the plants work on spider mites like it does with regular spiders?? Orange peels work on regular spiders as well..

    I put moth balls in my green house along with orange peels and have never had any problems...

    Just don't put the moth balls too close to the plants!
  4. well they have been hit so hard that i think they are going to want to come down early, besides i don't want to use any pesticides.

    what do you think about a diluted hot pepper solution? never heard of it but it is just a thought alot of critters aren't to fond of the stuff.

    it is out doors so moth balls would probably get wet and leach, besides, i want the spiders there to take care of some of the pests

    a friend of mine mentioned neem oil, any thoughts on that
  5. You can use the pyrithium spray ,
  6. glad to hear
  7. HIGH All, mmmmm Lady bugs eat spider mites...didn't for me. I took some larvea and put them on one of my infected plant and did nothing but try and escape. Now if you had an infestion of aphids....they eat by the hundreds.

    Neem oil...don't spray on Buds when budding it turns the hairs red and I think the buds just never performed after that.
  8. thanks for the tip unoit, unfortunately it is no longer an issue, they were stolen
  9. How young of a plant can I start to spray neem oil on? Or does it matter?

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