Pests or sap. Please help never had any pest

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  1. Are these little yellow bubbles eggs or sap. I keep my grow room and surrounding area clean. Bleached how tent before i started grow as well as the out side and surround area. I just need help to unsure a decent harvest.[​IMG]
  2. There was always a wet type subsatance on one of the smaller leaves.
  3. Hard to tell the hps doesnt help
  4. The pic or during flower

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  5. I took one on my finger it didn't feel granulated it felt smooth
  6. My lights will be on in a min ill see if i see ne sap like stuff to compare
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  7. yeah better pics in Normal lighting...can't see well...although it reminds me of finding a huge well fed spidermite on a plant that was the host of all spidermites...

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  8. Lights go off at 530am tomorrow will p
    Post better
  9. Its yellow not white at all
  10. Side and top view [​IMG][​IMG]
  11. So yea none of my giant budding plants have anything resembling what your seeing or describing.
  12. Do you think ladybugs will help if it is a spider mite investtation
  13. They can
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  14. Lady bugs did the trick. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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