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  1. so ive lived here all my problems. but recently ive been seeing lots of foot traffic at a house half a block away from me. usually its 30-50 year old white guys that look like bums. usually i am one to mind my own business when it comes to things like this, but has me a little worried since its so close to my home. one time i was walking by and i heard the owners saying "hes cool", obviously talking about me since i was the only walking by. and every 2-3 nights i smell something like burning tires or bleech..something really nasty coming from that place. idk man. and there was 2 cars that were broken into this week idk if its related to the house or not, but probably. theres like 5 bud dealers on this block too and they definitely dont act the same way as these folks do. so pretty much i think i have a crack house on my block, any ideas what i should do to confirm/deny this idea?

    on a possibly related note....a fucking bum with $83,000 worth of drugs died from overdose in my town
    Police find 'homeless' man dead with $85,000 in drugs, cash | Local & Regional | KIMA CBS 29 - News, Weather and Sports - Yakima, WA
  2. does it smell like anhydrous ammonia or bleach?

    could be a meth house..

    not a very good one if they got that much foot traffic tho..
  3. yeah smells like shit. reminds me of sulphur
  4. wtf.. does it smell like bleach or sulfur? are you sure it doesnt smell like ammonia? cat piss?
  5. idk how to describe it man, never smelled this smell just reeks
  6. idk..

    if it is a drug house theyre not doin very smart business so you shouldnt have to worry about them long
  7. same here I've been seeing a bunch of white bums walking around and bunch of prostitute looking ladies walking around, cars stopping right infront of my house dealing drugs and prostitutes getting yelled at by their(I'm guessing pimps or customers) at night, I know a pimp that stays close by my house, but with all the foot traffic I've been seeing in the past 4 months I'm guessing the same thing you are.
  8. bums like to party too..

    shit with that many bums congregated in one are you might just be smelling them
  9. Its def. a meth trap.. the smell is what makes me believe its meth, they must be cooking it at that location.. but most drug houses dont just cater to one thing, so they probably got other things moving as well.. but just from your description its DEF. a drug be careful dude, dont leave ANYTHING in your car let alone in plain sight.. some one is guaranteed to be looking thru the windows of every car in the area at night..

    if youre not against talking to police, then you should probably call them, or just let it sort out on its own, cuz like others blades have said, if they got that obvious of foot traffic, then i doubt you are the only neighbor who has taken notice, so it will probably be coming to an end shortly..

    good luck man, i hope nothing bad happens to you or your property in the mean time.. have you got any kids??
  10. go and try and buy some meth
  11. i like that vinegar smell yaadidididiii
  12. Bro I got the same shit going down in my nice quiet little hood. My advice, find older ladies and families that are neighbors you know and trust, put a bug in their ear about it & let them deal with 5-0
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    I wouldn't call the police from your home if you have a wireless phone. Ham radios can pick up some of what people say into a wireless phone (mostly older phones that aren't digitally encrypted, if those even exist..). My aunt has a (much more professional) similar neighbor and a drug bust was ruined because an old lady called her friend to tell her about it (it's not as stupid as it sounds...The police had asked to use her house as a stakeout because it had a perfect view).

    I can't be sure if the story is true, but I know the ham radio part is and it's just a little tip if you're concerned about personal safety/confidentiality :)
  14. ^^^ that just reminded me of the time my parents house was used for a stakeout... id totally forgotten about that, it was like 25 years ago

  15. Heh, yeah. The old lady called her friend all panicked after the police showed up and as soon as she started talked, a ton of cars pulled out and drove out of the neighborhood...Not the drug family (yeah, it's a family), but all the undercover people. Apparently it was a pretty big bust and she ruined it...

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