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  1. Hello. I have been growing in my tent for about a month now, and this morning I went to go and take a look at the plants. I was shocked to see these little flying bugs. Not sure what they are. But they are hanging in the soil and going INTO the soil even. I am not sure if they are laying eggs or what. But I am worried. I have put apple cider vinegar into a cup and put it into the side of the tent, 3 of those bugs already went into it and died. But there are like 15 others in the tent. How can I get rid of them? The Vinegar works, but not that well.

    What the bugs look like: Small, black and they fly. It is kinda like ants with wings.

    ANY advice will help!
    Thanks in advace
  2. Most likely fungus knats. Lots of ways to kill them. They like wet calm areas so keep your fan running and let your soil/Coco dry out a bit. Sticky traps help to keep them in check too.

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  3. agreed fungus knats...use better ventilation ..and buy some neem oil ...and use it as preventative maintenance... they like wet and try and keep temps at 79f or lower and increase ventilation...also...put an inch of straight perlite at the base of the plant on top of the soil...they don't like it and can't lay eggs well in the perlite ..

    good luck and good grows keep us posted!!

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    Adult fungus gnats pose no problem to your plants but the eggs they lay in your soil will start feeding on your roots . Keeping the top of your soil would help - I grow in coco so it stays wet all of the time, and fungus gnats are an occasional problem for me. I hang yellow stickies to attract and kill the adults and saturate the coco several times with Gnatrol to kill the larvae.
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  5. Oh okay. That actually makes sense. I watered them last night before I went to sleep, and saw the bugs in the morning. I am going to try the hydrogen peroxide
  6. I hope the hydrogen peroxide works for you. I had gnats my last grow and the H2O2 didn't work at all - I used BT (Gnatrol) and within a week the larvae was dead and gone. Good luck.
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  7. You can also sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth over you soil. It's super sharp on the microscopic and tears the larvae apart.

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