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  1. my plants are young and getting eaten by aphids. Should I spray the pot and plant with roundup? Any other good pesticides? I have sulfur dust.
  2. Hey Growgoat27-

    Roundup is NOT a pesticide!!! Roundup in a herbicide!! If you spray your plant with Roundup you will not have a plant anymore!!!

    Kisses -
  3. oh yea! kinda stoned when I wrote that. any good pesticides? to think, man, i studied botany in college. What about that sulfur dust? I haven't used it yet.

    Any ideas on keeping the aphids away?
  4. I got some suggestions, basically the aphids suck the juices out of your plants. If you have more than 8 aphids you have a serious problem. Kill all the aphids you see by squeezing them. Some hide under leaves and stuff and they will crawl around to the other side of the branch like squirrels. Kill them all with your fingers and shake the plant afterwards to warn them that you dont want them on the plant.
    This should keep them away.

    There are a lot of plant friendly pesticides out there. And some pepper mixtures that will keep them away. peace.​
  5. buy some ladybugs. this is the safest/healthiest means of ridding yourself of aphids.

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