Pest Problems- First Guerilla Grow, Purple Power & AK47

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  1. I think my thread got deleted in the mass spam eradication cuz I just came to update and there's no trace of it.

    To recap: Put 6 plants out October 26th, mix of purple power and AK47 fem seeds, 4 nodes (10cm) high. Soil pH was around 6.5 and added slow release fert and crystal rain.

    Went back yesterday and 3 were completely gone, 2 were nibbled pretty bad and 1 was looking O.K. (shown in pic). I thought slugs and/or possums wouldn't be an issue because of all the gorse around but I was wrong. I have now replaced the 3 that were gone and have fortified each plant with a cage, pile of gorse around base of cage, and heaps of slug bait (as shown in pics).

    I can't think of what else to try, could it possibly be a flying insect that's been eating them?

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  2. Your back man :)
    Wondered where you disappeared to !!
    As for your problems , I doubt its possums or any rodent getting into your cages ,
    But snails and slugs would walk in so try get some slug pellets , make beer traps anything u can read about to fuck em up !!
    There's some copper stuff u can buy too that they apparently hate :)
    You just need them to survive a few more weeks until they are too big for snails to bother then your set :)

    If you put pics of the eaten ones it might give us a better idea of the culprit too :)
    Looking good man !!
  3. Oh I didn't see you used slug bait haha .
    If you think it's slugs try the other things I mentioned Which work better (this copper stuff works best)
    Birds and caterpillars and shit eat them but your fence looks like they woulnt get in .
    Get some photos of the damage though if u can :)
  4. nice to see another nz grower :)
  5. Cheers 420outdoor, glad one of them looks O.K. I'm going back Friday afternoon to check on them again before I go away next week so I'll try get pics of the damage then. I think you're right about just holding on until they're tall enough to resist slug/snail attacks. Yours are looking nice man, good thing the comp is for biggest yield off a plant, not total harvest, otherwise I don't think I'd have a chance :eek:

    What's up nzstoner, you got anything growing?
  6. Haha yeah sick how long you goin away for ?
    Yours will take off soon :)
    Did we decide what the winner and loser of the comp have to do haha ?
    Good shit man hope they r good wen u visit
  7. yea man! i have 2 currently out. aint as big as yours mine have 3 sets of leaves but are looking nice and happy. the long hot days here in welly are working wonders :) what ferts are you using?? ... will keep up with your grow and i hope no more bloody possums steal you plants!
  8. Going away for a week and will go check them again when get back. Forgot camera on Friday but they were all still there and starting to crank. I think we mentioned the looser would have to smoke a set amount in set time which could be a fit punishment, the winner will get international respect and probably smoke just as much in celebration:smoke:
  9. Good shit man, I'll check your profile for pics after I type this. Windy Wellington aye, you know what strain you're growing or is it bag seed? I put some slow release ferts in the ground as well as crystal rain when I turned over the wholes I planted in. Every time I check on them I bring some Aunty Janes organic fert with me and give them a double strong mix of that. Will switch to a flowering fert once they start to get hairs and am gonna try keep it organic I think.

    Will post pics with next update when I get back
  10. Awesome man, they will be goin nicely by the time you get back irection :)
    haha cant wait for the competition then man, gonna be good shit !
    have a safe trip
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    nah its just bag seed aye they were going good until just now, the bigger one looks to be curling up? im gonna post up some pics next time i visit my spot. im hoping we both end up with some skunky shit :smoke: am looking forward too seeing your updated pics good luck!

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