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    Hey, i have a plant from some bagseed growing in some soil and perlite, its probly 1.5 months old now and i just saw some tiny little white bugs...they were just white/clearish and thought they might be some sort of larvae. they were kind of hopping around.
    does anyone know what they are and/or how i can get rid them. any comments much appreciated, cheers

    really baked btw, sorry for spelling errors n that
  2. Got any spider webs?

    How often/much do you water?
  3. no spiderwebs and the house have just been sprayed professionally for bugs n that.
    i only water when the soil starts to get pretty dried out, probs every 4 or 5 days.
    it is in a treated/lacquered wooden planter box.....any ideas?
  4. I'm outta ideas.

    Call Orkin

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