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  1. Can someone identify this big and tell me how to get rid of them?

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  2. Looks like a thrip ...... if you do have thrips Spinosad is the best way to get rid of those

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  3. ^^^ i agree that stuff will work. but if you got bug issues... it's good to use a SYSTEMIC poision. when the plant first has about 5 true leaves, what i use is pricey about 30$ a pint... but i also grow my own tobaccoo, and mainlly use it for that...but i hit my weed with it also..
    you can lay some sticky traps.. like fly paper around your plants,, that will really get rid of them. and some other bugs you got.. but dont realize you got. you'd be amazed at the bugs a sticky trap will get.
  4. you can control thrips without pesticides too. Stratiolaelaps in the soil (eats the pupating thrips), cucumeris on the plant (eats young thrips) and trap the adults like chicken said. The Stratiolaelaps will persist for the life of the plant (80% reduction of thrips with them alone), but cucumeris may need to be reapplied a couple months later if you’re still seeing thrips, but hopefully gone by then. Much nicer not to have to worry sbout smoking pesticides.

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