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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Vincent16, May 22, 2006.

  1. I keep finding catepillars and things like the bug in the picture on my plant. They eat away at the leaves, can anyone reccomend a repellant? or tell me what they are?

    - Vince

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  2. A 12 gauge with slugs loaded in it.
  3. BioBizz's Buzzoff..
  4. Seven dust your plants, but only in vegitative state.
  5. Hello There,
    It's just a catapiller,don't be bug bombing your plants man...ha ha ha just remove it with your fingers ;) You plant appears very happy and healthy,I don't piss around like that with out door,it's just out door, keep it natural and keepin' it real, Do you know what the world's longest all natural bug killer was and is still used by thousands of growers even today?....YOUR FINGERS !

  6. I use my fingers too, it helps a lot if you leave their mangled bodies on the leaves or something, i just wish i could pinch that damn deer's head off...
  7. well they eat away at the leaves, i cant even imagine what they might do to the flowers. If this safe? heres a pic of their damage.

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  8. They are just fine sweety, alittle nibbling never hurt anyone ;) ..... Nice color and growth all is good....


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