Pest Problem, Neem Oil Question?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ayoung42, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, ive been 12/12 since august 12th on this plant here and buds started roughly on the 26th of hopin to harvest somewhere between november 4th & november 18th...its planted in a 68 liter rubbermade tote...medium is promix (potting and seeding mix) with added vermiculite....I'm using 2 part nutrients made by dnf....dnf grow & dnf bloom, both products are a 2 part mixture...about a week ago i noticed small bugs on the soil surface that looked 2 be fungas gnats...some leafs also showed signs of spidermite damage...the plant still looks really healthy still and the buds are great looking...its an afghani kush sativa plant...ive been spraying a diluted solution of insecticidle soap on the soil every other day and so far have not seen any other fungas gnats...i am going to pick up soem neem oil on frieday and hope taht it will work better for me...even tho i allready have buds on the plant can i spray the whole plant with the neem oil just not trying to get the buds but lightly with possible overspray from the leafs...? when theres 7 to 9 possible weeks left befor harvest will i be safe to apply neem oil and how many days or weeks befor harvest should i stop applying neem oil...please help any adive is greatly appreciated also can i spray neem oil on the soil surface and on the pot?
  2. If you have established buds, I would avoid spraying them with the Neem oil. If you are sure its mites you are seeing, spray regularly everywhere but directly on the buds. If its fungus gnats, just let you soil dry up more before watering and they will go away on their own. Another option would be to add a HotShot pest strip in your box. This should kill any bugs that are around, good or bad.
  3. those hot shot pest strips....where can I buy some of those? I checked a few stores and had no luck...would they have them at canadian tire...or walmart? the vapours from the strip wont effect the taste of my budd in the end will it? and do those strips kil spider mites? There was alot of the little bug things coming out of the soil when i disturbed it just about 3 or 4 days after a heavy watering/feeding...a few leaves have damaged spots and pieces missign out of webs or anything so-far...any clue to what teh bugs are? thnx 4 the help...

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