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Any thougts on the best pest control. Moving indoor grow put June 20...continue with einstein oil?

  1. Continue with Einstein's neem oil

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  2. Other organic option.

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  1. Curious of i should stick with Einstein's neem oil.for outdoor grow..moving from indoor...using as preventive and no current issues...continue..or use skmethinh else /and any issues anyone has had using this ..leaf burn/wilting/ leaf color change?
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  2. What kind of pests you having the problems with?

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    I apply neem weekly to my outdoor grow have never had any issues. No experience with Einstein's neem oil I get mine from mixed with soap nuts for a emulsifier.
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  4. Yes on the ? Neem oil. But I'm not a fan of the Einstein"s neem oil.
    I had issues with my plants.
    I use only 100% pure neem in the black and white jug.

    If you've not growin out side before ??? Then your in for a whole lot of fun.

    A lot of benefits to growing out side. But depending your region that your growing in and what kind of growing style you are doing. This will dictate what pest and fungi you'll have to deal with and how you should combat them.
    It's best to study as many growers or farmers in your area to find out what there using for combat techniques and growing styles.
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  5. I grow outdoors in my garden, and so far no pests, I mean you can't really stop insects as such.

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  6. So Outdoors is a challenge to anybody no matter what environment you grow in what region you grow in I've been growing Outdoors for a long time neem is one of my best defenses it's a natural defense best as I can get it it's still not a good way to do it though there's better ways it just takes a while to get your soil in condition for that but I've been studying about a product called Boogie Brew.
    It's organic tea mixture that seems to be very good as a foliar spray too.
    It's got a lot of certified organic materials in it that come from great organic sources from what I understand.
    I watched a few videos about it and I think it's really all that.

    YouTube Boogie Brew also YouTube Growing Your Greens

    You can find it out there in California pretty easy and in Washington I have a hard time finding it here in Michigan I have to order it it's about $64 for a 12 lb bag which makes about a 150 gallons and there's a two-part system there's a grow part and there's a bloom part.
    I have not use the product myself yet....But from the reviews and from the videos that I watched on it and from the reviewed videos that I've watched it's about a 90% excellent rating on it 4 and a half stars.

    But studying what works in your area from other Farmers is probably some of the best advice anybody can give someone growing in my area and growing in California are quite a bit different I don't have this a lot of the pessat people in California have but I have to deal with a lot more powdery mildew here so I have to deal with that a lot in my area I also have to deal with aphids a lot in this area. I grow mostly organically. So I used 100% neem oil in a black and white jug. But I intend to go to this Boogie Brew as soon as I get my next crop in so I got the extra funds. I need to spend about $200 to buy enough to run the next crop.
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  7. YouTube Boogie Brew also YouTube Growing Your Greens.

    Thanks for the heads up @Growtogrow definitely gonna check that out.
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  8. You're welcome friend

    If you love growing you're going to love those YouTube channels definitely especially the growing Your Greens guy he just goes all over the place visiting the very coolest places not only does he visit marijuana Farms but he also visits vegetable gardens and just a lot of organic growing. That's just fantastic if you're in the growing at all
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  9. 2 biggest issues with growing outside are
    Powdery Mildew

    PM = Green Cure
    Caterpillars = BT Bacillus Thuringiensis

    Cure I get from the local Hydroponic shop.
    BT from the local Armstrong's garden center.

    Apply both once a week every week from set out to harvest.
    I run a low power bug zapper close by to help limit the moths.
    I chopped the grill out so I can brush the dead out each morning.

    Mother nature keep most everything else in check here in Southern California and that is the only 2 products I've used for the last several years.

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